Become a reseller

Our partners are very important to us at Dstny and we are constantly working to help and provision them with knowledge and support. Each partner has a partner manager who is there to support in the sales process. To help you, we also offer user-friendly portals to create agreements and manage information. For those of you who have chosen our technology arrangement, you also have access to our flexible self-service portal where you can easily help your clients.

  • Sales arrangement for those who want to focus on sales
  • Technology arrangement for those who want to take a holistic approach
  • Leads arrangement for you with potential customers to us

To be a Reseller Partner to Dstny

As a reseller to Dstny, you can choose between two types of arrangements based on your profile as a company. Do you just want to focus on sales and let Dstny handle the entire delivery and all support for your customers? Or do you want to make a bigger commitment and take care of the entire delivery process and support yourself? No matter what, we have a partner concept that suits your business.

The sales arrangement

The sales plan suits you who want to focus on sales in the first place and do not want to take care of delivery and support for your customers. Once you have the contract signed and uploaded it to Dstny, our delivery department takes over and ensures that the customer gets started with their solution in the best way. In this arrangement you do not have to take care of the support, your customers instead have direct contact with Dstny’s own support.

The technology arrangement

The technology profile is suitable for you who have their own service technicians and a delivery department and want to take care of operations and support for your customers. You are responsible for the entire sales process from signed agreement to operations and support. Of course, our experienced technicians are just a phone call or email away if needed.

The Leads arrangement

The leads arrangement is for you who have contact with companies that may be potential customers for us at Dstny. When you refer leads that become business, you will receive a compensation, a percentage of the total order value.