Become an Integration partner

We at Dstny want such a comprehensive telephony service that is possible. Do you have a service that you think can complement our switching services? We are more than happy to work with CRM systems and other services to provide our customers with the most complete solution possible.

  • Open APIs
  • Strengthen your product through Dstny's cloud service

To become an integration partner

We are absolutely sure that tasks go faster and work becomes more fun if the different systems you work in cooperate with each other. And we’ve seen plenty of evidence that this is true.

Many IT systems are now completely cloud-based, which opens up new opportunities to embed functionality and increase the value of the service. By integrating and automating services with each other, we ensure that our customers get the most out of all their solutions.

Dstny’s own developers daily help our customers and partners integrate their services with us and implement pop-up functionality against various CRM systems, financial systems, and case management services.

Do you have a service that would benefit from being implemented against our cloud exchange?