– a climate-compensated website

Do you like to make environmentally conscious choices? Then may make you happy to know that you are currently browsing a CO2 neutral website.

At Dstny, we understand the importance of companies pulling their weight when it comes to our environment. Although people as private individuals can do a lot to contribute, entrepreneurs need to understand their responsibility in driving the environmental work forward.

At Dstny, we have always worked to be more environmentally friendly as a company. This has included pretty obvious things, such as turning off our computers when we go home for the day, sorting paper and plastic and not printing things unnecessarily. In the end, many small things can make quite a difference.

In addition to that, we have also put a lot of focus on reducing traveling within our work. Since we are a company with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Rotterdam, it seems natural that travels needs to be made among employees. But with smarter collaboration tools, such as MiTeam and MS Teams, it will be easier to hold agile meetings remotely, which has meant that we have been able to save a lot, both when it comes to time and the environment. And when we have to travel, we mainly choose the options that have the least climate impact.

A CO2 neutral website

The latest step, we at Dstny have taken in our environmental journey, is that we have chosen to climate compensate for our website. Websites require energy, both when it comes to the servers that maintain the website, and when it comes to the computers and smart devices that displays the website. This is energy that Dstny, together with the organization CO2 Neutral, compensates for via CO2-reducing projects. These projects are approved by the Gold Standard, originally started by the World Wildlife Fund WWF. This could be projects such as building renewable energy power plants or work on preserving important rainforests.

We are proud to have taken yet another step in contributing to our environment and are continuing to look for new steps to help our planet.