Integrate Slack with your office phone system

At Dstny, we do not want to try to change the behavior of our customers. Instead, we want to be able to improve and strengthen what is already in place. For this reason, we have worked hard to have a broad portfolio of integrations linked to our telephony services that will simplify the everyday lives of our end users. Our latest integration is with Slack.


For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, Slack is a collaborative tool, primarily created for chat. The smart thing about Slack is how the chats are organized. You can choose between having private chats that are only visible to those who are invited. Or you can have open chats that anyone can see. These open chats are perfect when you want to get information out, or ask a question, to an entire department or organization.

The use of Slack is also very simple. Drag and drop documents directly into the chat and start separate conversations directly under a particular post or document. You can choose to use Slack directly in a browser, download a client for your computer or on an app for your mobile.

Slack Telephony

Slack is a good tool, we have already established that. So how can we make it even better? This is where Dstny’s integration comes into play. Through the integration, you as a Slack user, get important functions, such as line state and SMS function, from the PBX into Slack.
And perhaps best of all, Slack’s free version is really good! If you want to add video, group calls and unlimited search features, there is a cost that is very affordable.

Presence and line state

Being able to keep track of ones colleagues, see which ones are available and which ones are busy, is pivotal to be able to have effective and seamless communication within a company. With Slack Telephony you get presence and line state from the phone system directly into Slack. If you are busy in a call, there will automatically be a phone icon next to your name in Slack. If you have been, for example, busy, on lunch or on holiday, icons for it will appear in Slack. This way you have control over which colleagues are available and which are not. If you have written a note in the switch, it is also visible if you hover over the status in Slack.

Set up a Callback

You can initiate calls directly from Slack. This happens via a so-called Callback function. Say you’re chatting with a colleague, but you realize this takes too long to explain via text. Then you can easily via short commands, or by clicking the shortcuts button, call a colleague or an external contact. First the service calls your mobile, when you have answered then your recipient calls.

Send SMS

You can easily send SMS directly from Slack. The same is true here ,as for the Callback function. You can either type a simple short command or click the Shortcuts button. Enter which contact or telephone number that should receive the SMS, write your message and send. As simple as that. For the recipient, it looks like an ordinary SMS.

Slack Telephony is another step in Dstny’s efforts to broaden our product portfolio to help our customers streamline and strengthen communication during the work day. Telephony should not be a separate part of the job, but something that permeates both customer contact and collaboration.

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