Microsoft Teams – A new take on our integration in Germany

We operate as a CpaaS supplier and use open APIs to embed communication in daily applications to suit evolving customers and business needs. This serves as a complete foundation where companies can avoid spending time in building their own integrations as well as working in between several applications. With this in mind, we recently launched the latest integration of Microsoft Teams. While it was been possible to call with Teams, there was still lacking more complex functionality and carrier integrations to improve end-user functionality. This was mainly due to Teams own lack of mobile integration and PBX features that we are used to today. Dstny’s integration helped meet the demand with a strengthened collaboration tool. The first version focused on functionality behind the scenes, but the latest version took it to the next level to turn the Teams interface into your main communication tool. This was done with increased functionality so that users don’t have to meddle between different interfaces.

The new update includes;

  1. Caller ID – This allows user to choose what number they show when called or calling.
  2. Send text messages – The integration now features an SMS feature directly form the interface.
  3. Manage ACD groups – You can now also log in and out of ACD groups and see the status of logged in agents directly in Teams.
  4. Voicemail – We added the ability to listen, download and delete your voicemails directly in Teams.
  5. Presence – You can now link your status from Teams to the PBX. For example, if you change your status to busy in Teams, it will translate to the PBX.

What is the right collaboration tool for the German market?

To be honest, there is no simple answer to that, but what we do know is that cloud based collaboration tools are going to be used more and more in these times of working from home and decentralization. Different types of solutions have emerged in Germany as a vital asset in order to allow companies to function amidst changed circumstances and need for more remote work. This includes our latest update of Microsoft Teams, that boosts remote workers with the same powerful and advanced PBX functionality in one interface that they would have access to in office. This helps remote workers not only take their work where needed, but it comes with a range of benefits including easy migration, scalability and above all, mobility.

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