Salesforce is acquiring Slack

It has been rumored, in recent days, that Salesforce had a major acquisition underway. And now the mega-deal is done, Salesforce is buying Slack for $ 27.7 billion.

Slack is one of many collaboration tools that have seen a positive curve since the start of the pandemic. Both when it comes to the number of users and how much each person uses the service. Worldwide, we see a huge demand on being able to collaborate remotely, something that has affected tools, such as Teams, Zoom and Slack, to increase rapidly in number of users.

Slack has customers all over the world but is a tool that seems to be extra popular among technology companies and media companies. IBM, Amazon and CNN are some of their really big customers.

Salesforce’s largest business is primarily in a cloud-based CRM tool and other enterprise applications. Through Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack, they will be able to strengthen their business offering with a tool that is exactly right at the moment.

Marc Beinhoff, CEO of Salesforce, commented on the acquisition:
“Together, Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of enterprise software and transform the way everyone works in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.”

We, at Soluno, think it is an exciting development to follow, as more and more companies, both enterprises and small companies, understand the importance of investing in good communication tools and collaboration tools. In Sweden, we were early to adopt cloud-based technology and now we also see a shift around the rest of Europe, where more companies are putting desk phones aside and leaving room for cloud-based solutions.

It’s extra exciting, as we already have existing integrations in place, both against Slack and Salesforce. Partly through our service Who’s Calling, which can. do a look-up in Salesforce and provide important information about the calling customer, even before the agent has responded. And partly via our self-built integration with Slack, Slack Telephony, where you get telephony functionality, directly into the collaboration tool.

By Mattias Ohde
CEO Sweden
Driving the future of business communications

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