One plus one has become three for SolunoBC

Soluno Business Communications passed a magic threshold in early December. Thanks to the successful merger of Solus BC and Uno Telefoni – and with SEB Private Equity as a strong principal owner – SolunoBC now has more than 100,000 individual business users of its cloud-based communication solutions. “Thanks to committed partners and interested customers, we can say that one plus one makes three,” remarks Mattias Ohde, CEO of SolunoBC.

Soluno Business Communications has grown to become one of the largest and most prominent players in cloud-based communication solutions today. Being able to offer switchboard solutions that are completely operator-independent makes the company unique in the industry.

This is something that partners and customers alike have discovered. Reaching the 100,000 individual-user milestone confirms for SolunoBC that the merger and product development have been the right moves.

“Our growth rate is almost double that of other companies in the industry and we are forecasting sales figures of SEK 200 million in 2018,” says Mattias Ohde.

SolusBC and Uno Telephoni each used to sell about 10,000 licences a year. This year, SolunoBC will sell more than 30,000 licences.

“One plus one has become three. Thanks to our size and united strength, we are able to attract completely different companies and organisations today than we could in the past. It used to be difficult to get a foot in the door of companies with more than 300 employees. That isn’t a problem any more,” says Mattias Ohde.

There are several reasons for this strong growth. One reason, mentioned before, is the company’s unique niche in the industry in being able to offer an operator-independent telephony service. Another reason is that SolunoBC provides a level of service that beats most others.

“Surveys show that the response times are normally 70 per cent. Ours are 95 per cent. We can also offer more add-on services than any other company in the industry,” says Mattias Ohde.

Almost a year ago, SEB Private Equity became the principal owner, thus enabling the merger and also opening the way for new markets.

“We are aiming at an international market, primarily the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. There is absolutely no doubt that we have an exciting journey ahead of us,” Mattias Ohde concludes.

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By Christian Hed
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