SolunoBC’s new queuing service helps everybody

SolunoBC is now launching a new service, Virtual Phone Q, which means that users no longer have to wait in telephone queues and are instead called back at a pre-determined time. The service is available on all Soluno markets and is not restricted by where customers have their office.

“Sitting and waiting in a long telephone queue seems so inefficient and old fashioned. But this is one area where the ‘bots’ really can work for us”, says Christian Hed, sales and marketing manager at SolunoBC.

The Virtual Phone Q service has been created by SolunoBC’s development department. The service gives customers a better telephone service, and at the same time relieves the load on support or reception at peak times. Callers do not have to get stuck in a telephone queue waiting for someone to become available as they can leave their telephone number and be called back.

“Virtual Phone Q is a virtual queuing system that manages the customer’s place in the queue. This leaves the caller free to do something else whilst waiting to be called back. This naturally results in happier customers”, says Christian Hed and continues:

“This is a service that consumers will soon come to expect of all service-orientated companies.

This is how the service works in brief: After the customer has left their telephone number they are given a call back time. The time is calculated according to the number of people that can call back, as well as how many calls are in the queue. If the stated time is not suitable, the call back time can be moved forward. Suggestions for the next available times are given according to selected intervals, e.g. five or ten minutes later. The customer can then continue to decline times until a suitable time is given.

“Virtual Phone Q is also integrated with most common CRM systems, which means that further information about an existing calling customer can be pulled up”, says Christian Hed.


For more information, contact:
Joachim Brandt, PR & Information, +46 31 352 40 45

Soluno Business Communications AB
At the start of 2017 SolusBC and Uno Telefoni (Uno) amalgamated and created the single largest and most expansive operator-independent supplier of cloud exchanges and coordinated communication service on the Nordic market. As one company and with a common platform, SolunoBC will have the best possible conditions for continued expansion in Sweden and, not least, internationally. SolunoBC will take the position of the leading systems integrator in the cloud and create the best experience for customers, partners and operators. During 2017, the company is expected to turn over approx. 200MSEK on the Swedish market. Soluno are 80 employees in the offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

By Christian Hed
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