Remote work from home – 6 useful tips

Remote work and working from home have become increasingly popular. Previously this was seen as a mere luxury, and now it’s more often a standard in many companies, and especially startups. Being able to work from home comes with many benefits, but also a lot of things to keep in mind to stay productive. Everyone who works from home have to figure out when, where and how they’ll work to retain structure between work and personal life. And how does equipment, development, training, and teambuilding play a part in that equation? To work from home means having to meet these questions, and we have listed our best tips to manage them and work effectively from home.

1. Decide a schedule and place for your remote work

A first great tip for remote work is to set a schedule and place, and try to stick to it. If you don’t have clear guidelines for when, how and where you’ll work, the day can feel like a puzzling mess. To create a routine that guides you to work similarly to how you would in office is incredibly important to remain structured. Think about how you’d normally start a morning routine when you go to work and try to replicate this at home to best extent. Another great tip is to get dressed even if you’re home. Even though it’s tempting to sit in your pyjamas, it can feel like you just went straight from snooze to work. It might just not be the best way to kick-start your day.

2. Set boundaries with your home colleagues

If you work form home, chances are you have your beloved ones at home at the same time. In those cases it’s importan to be clear and upfront of how you’ll work and what you need to stay focused. This also plays into the first tip. Set a clear schedule so everyone around you knows how they should relate to it. If you have a meeting planned at 3 pm, make sure they know about it. In that way you can stay focused and you’ll avoid guest features from your loved ones.

3. Schedule breaks

Remote work and working from home may sometimes result in not knowing when you should leave your computer, whether it be for a break or for the day. It may be a good idea to plan frequent breaks in your schedule so you can get a little time apart from your computer. This may also be a great opportunity to get some fresh air and take a short walk. Also, make sure that you stick to your planned breaks like lunch, and take the time you normally would at work and get some energy! No matter if it is a short break or lunch, it’s also good to sometimes leave your home for a bit and sit at a nearby cafe. Just for a change of scenery.

4. Make sure you have the equipment you need

If you work a lot in front of the computer, make sure you have all necessary equipment. And if you’re missing something essential, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Maybe you need an external keyboard, a computer mouse, external hard drive, etc. And the earlier you ask for it for your remote work, the faster you can get to work unbothered and effectively.

When you work from home it’s sometimes easy to end up at your kitchen table with the same posture as a cheeto in front of your laptop. It may be ok for a day or two, but in the long run it can truly have detremental results on your back. So make sure you have ergonomic equipment so you can work comfortably, not just today but in the future.

5. Listen to music or a podcast

When you don’t have a lot of colleagues around you, silence can feel extra silent. Listen to an auto generated playlist for you from spotify, or maybe a great podcast. A podcast can feel like you have someone else in the room which may make it a little less lonely. Apart from great music, spotify also has a huge library of good podcasts.

6. End the day with a clear routine

Just like you start the day, also end it with a routine when you get of work. Maybe this may be as simple as turning off your computer, but can also include a walk or exercise, and then of course dinner. Something as simple as turning off your computer and watch your favourite show can help mark the end of the day so you can just simple relax.

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By Sofia Svantesson
Brand Marketing Manager
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