About pre-selections

To set pre-selections in your landline or mobile phone, can really save you time. It facilitates memory and you don’t need to remember numbers, and saves you time in not having to open your phone book every time you make a call.

The pre-selection function is often used when you have a number of digits that you’ve called on more than one occasion, and that you also need to call again in the future. The pre-selection is a good way to have the number quickly available by just a button click.

The numbers you save as pre-selection are in other words easy to reach. Also, you won’t need to memorize or write it down somewhere, they’re already there. It’s just less to think about when make make various calls in your day-to-day work.

  • Save one or more contacts as pre-selection.
  • It’s faster to call someone with pre-selection
  • The number of possible pre-selections varies.
  • Usually it’s just a click to call someone from pre-selection.
  • You save both the number and name in pre-selection.
  • Many save the contacts they most frequently call as pre-selection.
  • Some save emergency numbers as pre-selection.

Pre-selection makes calling easy

With pre-selection you won’t have to think about saving and remembering numbers you often call. Some are born with great memory, but count in how many calls that are called today and turn out to be a great asset to be able to save the most popular.

The pre-selection function remembers many from your home phone, but you can also save pre-selection in your modern smartphone. How it’s done varies between carriers, but is mostly done in settings.

Kanske är det lämpligt att ha närmaste kollegorna, chefen eller de kunder man pratar mest med som förval. It’s not possible to make pre-selections for all digits. Mostly you can set pre-selection, or short numbers, for the numbers 2 to 9, so up to 8 people can be found in presets. Maybe it’s suitable to have your closest colleagues, your boss, or the customers you frequently talk to as presets.

Speed dial as pre-selection in you smartphone

Some smartphones have an obvious built-in function called speed dial through pre-selection, but some haven’t made it so obvious. Although it’s mostly always possible to set the service on the type of laptop or stationary phone that’s on your desk.

The number that are saved as pre-selection should in many cases already be saved as contacts to be able to register on any of the numbers 2-9. To call such  a number you just need to hold the actual button pressed down, and the phone will call the person registered to it.

The pre-selections that are saved can of course we changed if needed, which is beneficial if you for example need to call a customer more during a certain project, but not so much when the project is over. Then you can just save another, more relevant number as pre-selection.