International numbers

International numbers

International numbers is pretty self explanatory; phone numbers in foreign country. To call an international number you first dial the area code. In Norway for example the area code is +47 and thereafter you dial the normal phone number (except for the first 0).

Many companies that are based in more than one country need simple communication between the destined countries. For example; You need to dial +47 to call an international number in Norway if the company has a local branch there and depending on what countries you operate in it may result in a costly deal.

To simplify for those who work in a multinational company there are different services that allow colleagues to call through the same PBX function that are connected to the head-office in Sweden, no matter what country you’re in. This relieves communication tremendously and lowers costs for international calls drastically.

  • Professional solutions for international calls for your company.
  • Price worthy and advanced add-ons.
  • Installation and service is maintained directly by the supplier.
  • No extra fees for calls within the same system.
  • Effective cloud-based systems that are easy to use.
  • Free SMS and internal calls over the whole world.
  • Retain the same number no matter what country you’re in.

Easy and professional

No matter where in the world you are, you can always reach a colleague fast without having being forwarded further. With a effective telephony system you can save both time and money with international calls. Everyone within the same company have access to a mutual phone book and ability to call for free internally.

In addition, you can send texts for free all over the world through the Swedish based telephony system. It’s also possible to group chat which also may be a cost efficient solution for coworkers that are based abroad. When busy in a call you can also use the Callback function that makes sure that you don’t miss important calls.

You can also record calls and store them for further notice. Call history is saved for the entire company in order to be able to go back in time and control number of calls and who called. The number of incoming and outgoing calls for every individual number is also registered if you want to maintain control over it.

Effective calls for international companies

A cloud-based PBX solution is very effective when having coworkers based in multiple countries. All international colleagues have access to the same PBX functions, mobile PBX, softphone and IP telephony, wherever in the world they may be. If you’re temporarily abroad you can keep you old local number and therefore don’t need a special phone for abroad purposes.

A professional treatment is crucial for all companies and especially if you have international customers. You don’t want to risk a good collaboration due to bad technique with telephony solutions, you always want to be up to date with the latest technology in telecom.

It’s also possible to decide which functions every individual user shall have access to so that you can easily fulfil every coworker’s individual needs to maximize efficiency within the company. To call international numbers isn’t tricky, there are plentiful of great solutions for all companies.

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