ISDN multi

Om ISDN multi

ISDN is an abbreviation for Integrated Services Digital Network. More specifically it’s a term to describe a standard för digital telephony that has been active for more than 30 years. Here we will focus on the segment of the carrier service ISDN multi.

The service ISDN multi can be described as a very powerful infrastructure for a company’s communication. It’s a connection that handles telephony PBX and different forms of data communication and a perquisite for many advanced services. ISDN multi is developed for the needs that exist in medium to big companies.

The product ISDN multi has a high availability due to ISDN connection can be provided in most municipalities in Sweden.If it against all odds should entail issues or any errors with the service, you will be assisted by Telia customer support with solving the issue within 24 hours on weekdays between 07.30-18.00.

  • ISDN multi is a powerful infrastructure for a company’s communication.
  • It’s a connection that among others handles company PBX.
  • ISDN persists of a channel for numbers and a channel for control signal.
  • The service is perfect for medium to large companies.
  • Företag kan använda sig av bastjänsterna samt beställa tilläggstjänster vid behov. Companies can use the base services as well as order add-on services when needed.
  • The product has a high availability due to ISDN connection can be delivered in most of the country.
  • Product issues that may appear are resolved by Telia within 24 hours.

What’s included in ISDN Multi?

Connection for telephony PBX or data communication equipment, high capacity with 30 channels. Number presentation and sub address is included in the basic subscription. Issues that prevent the customer from using the services agreed are resolved within 24 hours and is included in the subscription as basic service. ISDN multi is customized easily to company needs.

Telia ISDN Multi is the intelligent network with various services that relieve communication for the company. Many of these services are basic services that are included in the subscription from start. Other services can be added after needs and ordered separately. The services are included on the main number or group number.

Number presentation (CLIP) and sub-address (SUB) are included in the basic service. Among add-on services you will find integrity protection as well blocking of number presentation. Economic surveillance and information about costs for a call and accounting that show outgoing calls. Extra numbers, message transfer and close user group. Two stationary connections for increased capacity and security.

Benefits of ISDN

One of the main benefits with ISDN is the compatibility with the analogue telephony network. You update the telephony station with a new hardware but use the old network and copper wires. This allows the availability to be connected almost everywhere in Sweden.

With 30 channels companies retain great capacity, flexibility and a powerful base platform for company communication. ISDN multi is compatible with other products so that the service fits your company. Customize the service with the add-on services that you need.

ISDN is a quality assured technique that was developed in the 80s. The service provides companies that use the product with great sound quality that can be compared to CD sound. Very few transfer issues and risk of calls cutting off barely exist. Double channels are a great asset which provides companies with a reliable and secure communication solution.