Mobile subscription

Mobile subscription

Choosing the right mobile subscription is the first step in getting the best solution in regard to contact possibilities, both in driving a company and as an individual reaching others. Today’s range is endless and all have their own benefits and flaws.

The most prominent benefit when signing a subscription instead of a prepaid card is that you will always know that the mobile has money on it. With a subscription you usually pay a fixed cost and that cost often includes a certain amount of (often unlimited) calls and texts.

If you should however exceed the number of calls or texts that are included in your subscription you will be charged afterwards. In the long run it’s oftentimes more safe to have a subscription than using a prepaid card and the opportunities to adjust your subscription after personal needs are far more.

  • Mobile subscriptions allow you to control the monthly cost for your mobile phone
  • You can adjust your subscription according the your needs
  • There are mobile subscription with different number of calls
  • You can choose to complement your subscription with surf
  • A mobile subscription means that you never have to add money to your phone
  • Different carries have different types of mobile subscriptions
  • It’s relatively easy to choose a subscription that fits your needs

Calls and texts

Depending on what you mostly use your mobile for, there are different subscriptions that are better. If you mostly just use it to call, you can get a subscription with unlimited calls. Then you never have to think about the cost.

When you choose a subscription you have to know how many messages will be send over a month. With most carriers you can customize your subscription to fit your needs. A bundle often includes, just like calls, a certain number of texts.

It’s therefore beneficial to double check all the different curing period alternatives. Some subscriptions can have a curing period up to 2 years. IF you’ve chosen a subscription that turns out too small, you can in worst case scenario just change if you’ve signed up for a certain amount of time.

Mobile subscription with surf

Because most people today own smartphones, internet surf is often a big player in mobile use. When you have mobile data you can surf with your phone without paying any extra fees. If you surf without a data bundle the cost will often be higher than if you have a predestined number of gigabytes in your subscription.

There are in general two types of mobile data offers that you can choose between. You can either pay for the amount of surf you need or you can buy an amount each month. As long as you don’t exceed the amount, you always pay the same price.

You can also choose to have a subscription that charges you for the amount of surf you actually use. This alternative usually fits those that don’t use their phones to surf as much, or those that mostly use wireless connections-

Compare subscriptions

If you’re looking for a subscription there are websites where you can easily compare them. An example is Ringa Billigt.


On our website you can compare different carriers with our PBX and get a price indication of a company PBX.