Referral system

About referral system

With a referral system you create the best possible prerequisite to acquire the right information for those trying to reach you. The referral system clearly informs if the sought after person is available, and if not, when they will be available again. In that way you can avoid unnecessary calls and misunderstanding.

The referral system is part of the cloud-based PBX, that improves effectivity and professionalism for communication with customers. Your company telephony is managed through a computer, instead of having a landline phone. The amount of functions increase and become easy to manage when everything is collected in the same place – your computer.

Having a functioning PBX is essential, but by adding a referral system that is synchronized with your calendar, communication elevates. No more questions of why a call wasn’t answered or if it’s ok to redirect the call.

  • Manage and plan your availability in your PBX through your calendar.
  • Mark reoccurring meetings or a booked vacation beforehand and your referrals will be synced automatically.
  • Simplify for receptionists by showing if you are available to take calls.
  • Decide your own keywords that the calendar will translate to referral status.
  • Make sure to be referred whenever you want to be.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and Office 365.
  • Works with Google Calendar if everyone share calendars with the user.

Don’t let the phone interrupt a meeting

If you plan your referral ahead, you can avoid unnecessary interruptions when the phone rings in the middle of an important meeting, or a call goes unanswered because you’re on vacation. Add commandos to your calendar and your referral will be synced automatically.

When the telephonist can see if you’re in a meeting, or will be in short, it’s easy to decide if a call should be forwarded to you. Also, you can provide the right information of a better time to reach you.

Calendar connection can also be used with the most frequent commandos in our app, in order to make your day at the office as efficient and easy to manage as possible. The few details you need to learn minimizes the amount of administrative work for your calendar and availability on the phone.

Decide the form of the function yourself

When you add a new booking to your calendar you’re also adding one of your predetermined keywords. This may for example be “m” or meeting, or “va” for vacation. The keywords are in turn programmed by you to give instructions of your referral status to the PBX.

If you have a telephonist they can see if you’re unavailable, a red icon will light up by your name in the softphone. To avoid receiving calls when you’re in a meeting, the telephonist can see if you have anything booked for the upcoming 60 minutes.

If you’ve have additional information about the meeting or your availability, the telephonist can see it by clicking on the icon. You decide yourself if what should be visible and what information is shared with the person trying to reach you.

At Dstny we offer the service Calendar Connection – a system that automatically shows your referral status in the PBX based on your calendar. Wan’t to know more about Calendar Connection and automatic referral system? Contact us and one of or experienced advisors will help you further.