Uno Telephony

About Uno Telephony

Uno telephony was founded in 2004 by Andreas Johnsson and Johan Wogel to create a user experience that emits simplicity and service. The services were developed to be easy to use. They have from very first start worked for carrier independency coupled with service and simplicity.

The company was vastly successful and in 2017 is was united with Solus BC and SEB to create Soluno. Today they are one of the fastest expanding actors on the market for telephony in Nordic countries, at least in being carrier independent. The company creates the best possible prerequisites for telephony solutions in Sweden as well as internationally.

The collaboration between Solus BC and Uno Telefoni have aided in building a large supplier by cloud and communication that is carrier independent. In addition, they have great resources to keep developing services in order to expand on the international market. The new main owner is SEB PE (Private Equity).

  • In 2017 the company had a revenue of 175 million kr on the Swedish market.
  • Today they have 55 employees in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
  • SEB Private Equity is head owner in the new company.
  • With the collaboration they became the largest carrier independent supplier of cloud services.
  • SEB PE as a partner contribute with competence and capital for further expansion.
  • Soluno continuously work with sponsoring in sports and voluntary work.
  • In 2017 the market share is a whole 10%.

Strong company with secure capital

SEB PE as a partner both contribute with competence and provide the company with capital and possibility to further expand. The merge have provided them with a strong position in Sweden. They are the biggest operator independent supplier we have with cloud PBX and Unified Communications. In addition, there are resources for further international expansion and continued development of the service.

 In 2017 they had a revenue of 175 million Swedish kr. They have offices in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, with 55 employees in total. They have a market share of a whooping 10% that make them one of the countries’ biggest suppliers of cloud-based PBX.

With the merge and new main owner, the company believe they can create the best prerequisites in the field for expansion in providing customers with security, offers and good service. They also acquired the best prerequisites for expansion in both Sweden and internationally.

Strong position on the market

The company maintains an interesting position in an expanding market. In early stages the merge was though to make use of the potential retained by both companies and develop the different types of software and services. The company uses their resources better to reinvest in order to expand on the international market.

The company sees it possible to increase delivery standard to customers by thinking outside the field with software integration in customer contacts to improve further. All owners in the 2 different companies will reinvest in the merged company and continue as an operative function.

The company is careful with maintaining great service towards customers. It should be welcoming to be a customer in the company. The merge is expected to provide customers with benefits such as improvements in customer service and secure deliveries. The company is set on taking position as the leading system integrator in the cloud.