About Lime

About Lime

Lime is one of Sweden’s largest crm systems and has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The company’s USP has been user-friendliness and they work a lot to make their customers’ jobs more fun and easier.

Integrate with Lime and get better insights

Since a selection of our services can make a search in the CRM system Lime, it gives you and your colleagues a better overview of how your customers contact your company or organization. When our services are connected to Lime, you will be able to get important information about your customers directly in the various services.

How does the integration work?

In the services that can be integrated with Lime, information about the customer or its organization is downloaded via an API (application programming interface). This means that the API retrieves information from various fields in Lime which are then displayed in your Dstny services. Then you can see information about, among other things, the contact, about the organization, the customer’s latest orders and cases.

The API needs you to have a web hosted Lime instance. If you have a local installation of Lime you need to turn to Lundalogik first to get help with the plugin required to access a local installation.

Two variants

Our integration with LIME is offered in two variants, depending on your possibilities. LIME CRM Web Services is an older technology that requires set-up in your local LIME server. LIME REST is a newer solution that is easier to set up. In both cases, you should contact Lime.

We help you integrate

Since the connection between Dstny’s system and Lime crm is already created, it is easy to get started with the integration. All you need is provided by our support and no technical knowledge is needed from you. You specify which fields you want to download from your Lime and then present the information in services such as Who’s Calling.

We have integrated the following services with Lime

Who’s Calling
Virtual Phone Q