About Salesforce

About Salesforce

Salesforce a CRM system that provides platform solutions to help businesses stay in touch with their customers. They have cloud-based applications for service, case management, sales, follow-up and marketing.

Important information about your customers

By integrating the salesforce CRM system with our services, your team gets important information about the customer, even before the contact is established. Your agents and sellers see variables like names, companies, department and the like even before the call is answered. In addition, the contact card can then be opened up for more detailed information.

Let every customer feel that they are your most important customer

By integrating add on services connected to your corporate PBX with Salesforce, you get a unique opportunity to impress your customers. Because your employees receive important information about the customer, they can give both faster and more professional handling, while easily understand the customer’s needs and solve their problems. And when the customer does not need to explain their history, they will feel like a priority customer, which in turn strengthens the relationship with your company.

Support on the road

Our support technicians provide the information to be sent to Salesforce to start the integration. Here you will get a detailed guide on the preparation of the API information required for the setup to facilitate your integration.

How does Dstny integrate with Salesforce?

The services that we at Dstny have integrated with Salesforce will retrieve information about your customers or contacts via the API. The fields downloaded via the API must have a relationship with the contact on which the match is created. When the service receives a match, the API downloads the values of the organization to which the contact belongs and the contact’s tasks. The API can also display values as the customer’s latest orders and such.