Here you will find the latest information regarding our rebranding to Dstny.

We are becoming Dstny
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We are becoming Dstny

On February 24th, we officially switched to our new brand; Dstny. Over a period of time, we will work on our rebranding project, which means that we will gradually change the logo and colors, to match our new brand. On this page you will find the latest information about the project.

Information regarding the rebranding project

On 29-30/6, more products and services will be rebranded

Dstny will implement updates on more services and products in accordance with our new brand (we go from Dstny to Dstny). This update takes place between 29 and 30 June.

Also URLs, i.e. The addresses used to log in to the various services via the web will be changed from to Nothing will stop working and you do not need to take any action.

The table below contains more details about each product:

Product Existing Url New Url
BCS everything incl. change of organization name / domain (Sköndal) (Gbg) (Sköndal) (Gbg)
Call Recording
Mobilapp Update via App store for iOS
and Android apps.
My user
Softphone New Softphone is available for download.
MyAdmin – SSO, i.e. login (all services)
Wallboard (Standard/Plus)
Teams-integrationen We have a rebranded Teams app.
Note! Distribution via file from support or delivery.
When updating your Softphone:

Restart your desktop application to be notified that a new version is available.

On Windows: A message window will appear in the lower right corner of the screen indicating that a newer version is available. Click on the popup window and the new version will be installed.

On MAC: The old softphone must first be uninstalled before the new rebranded softphone can be installed. Here’s how:
1. Open the Dstny Softphone and click tools –> options.
2. Uninstall the softphone from your computer.
3. Download our new rebranded Dstny Softphone from:
4. Install and boot Dstny Softphone.
5. When logging in to Dstny Softphone, the top line must have the following adress: Then fill in the same username and password you had before.

On 30/3, some of our products change appearance

On March 30, some of our products will change appearance. No functions change, only the logo and some colors are replaced in one step in our rebranding process. No manual hand-laying is required of you as a customer. All systems will work just as usual.