Use texts when the order is in, the package is outside the door or to communicate a message with multiple people simultaneously.

Why use texts?

Text messages have a higher reading frequency than the equivalent communications via email or direct mail. Integrate our SMS API into your business systems to handle large amounts of texts every day. It’s fast, easy and cheaper than sending letters.

Select one or more recipients

Select one or more recipients

Our Text message portal can send messages to one or several recipients. For example, with text to a specific person, you can confirm an order or notify a delivery. Want to reach out with fast information to a larger group, you can easily send a text to multiple recipients at the same time.

The right text at the right time

You can choose whether you want to send the message directly or schedule it for later, such as a reminder that expires 30 minutes before the scheduled time. The information becomes mobile and can therefore be easily picked up when and where it is needed. Something that is especially beneficial for example with discount codes or visitor information.

Customize with API

Customize with API

Customize the flow to suit your requirements, you can also combine the API with your surrounding systems to tailor the experience. Manage notifications, information feeds, orders, changes and additions directly through the customer’s mobile. Since you choose how to implement the SMS API, you can use to it to send everything from a single text to posting all orders in your company.

Example of code at successful authentication


  "access_token": "LggpLDSKEz7n...lång rad tecken...",
  "token_type": "bearer",
  "expires_in": 15724799,
  "userName": "",
  ".issued": "Wed, 04 Jan 2017 16:44:49 GMT",
  ".expires": "Wed, 05 Jan 2017 16:44:49 GMT"


Manage many messages

Manage many messages

The service has an inbox feature where all conversations can be managed at the same time in a multi-agent interface. This way you can easily handle a large amount of messages, both inbound and outbound. The appearance of the interface is adapted to resembling that in a mobile phone.

Use texts for promotion and marketing

With text messaging, you can inspire your customers with region-based or customer-specific offers at a very low cost.

Examplew of when can you use the API

  • Send offers
  • Confirm a reservation
  • Reminders
  • Scheduled texts
  • Delivery Status
  • Important information for a large group

Frequently asked questions about SMS API

What kind of information is common to use when communicating via text?

SMS stands for Short message service and as the name tells, texts is best for short message. If you have a lot information you want to rconvey, it may be beneficial to use email or to contact the customer by phone. However, if you want to confirm, for example, that you have received an order, send a reminder of a booked time or notify about a delivery, then this service is perfect. Other examples of things businesses usually communicate via text are discount codes and deviating opening hours.

For which companies does the service fit?

This is a service that suits both large and small companies. Contacting customers via text has proven very effective as the message gets a high opening rate. Because you can choose to use our pre-built portal instead of the API, the service is also easy to get started with.

Is there a portal for the service?

You can choose to use our API and build the features you want around the service, this requires a developer. For those who are not interested in the API, we have built a portal where you can send, receive and manage all your texts. The portal is built to be intuitive and user-friendly. Here, several agents can work at the same time so that you can quickly provide your customers with service.

Can you send out mass texts and then answer them?

The service works perfectly when you want to send out a single or a few texts but was primarily built to help businesses manage bulk texts and automated texts. In the portal, you can easily answer the conversations you get from your mass texts to assist your customers when they need additional service.

Can you choose dispatcher on the texts?

If you use our SMS API, you can build your preferred functions around the service yourself. The portal we have built has features for managing dispatchers. Then you can choose to display a company name, a mobile number, a fixed network number, or a virtual short or long number.