Konftel conference telephones

Work environmentally friendly in a global world with personal meetings at a distance using Konftel conference phones.

Create green meetings in a global world

Konftel has long been a pioneer when it comes to telephone meetings with its smart speaker phones. Since 1988, they have helped both small and large companies across the world to meet at a distance. With Konftel’s speakerphone, you can work together in an environmentally friendly and efficient way with high-quality audio quality.

Below are three of Konftel’s popular speakerphones and their flexible meeting app.

Konftel Ego

Konftel Ego

Konftel Ego is a personal speakerphone, small and portable that easily fits your bag while on the go. Despite its small size, Konftel Ego delivers crystal clear sound thanks to Konftel’s unique sound technology OmniSound.

The LCD screen makes it easy to use, so you can easily see which feature is active. The LED lights that light on the surface also indicate which features are currently running.

Applications for Ego 

Applications for Ego 

This smaller model is perfect when you and a couple of colleagues want a simple meeting. It is easy to carry while on the road and you are in, for example, a hotel room. Konftel Ego is also an excellent option for a headset if you are sitting on your own.

Short facts about Ego

Meeting size: up to 4 people
Small and portable
OmniSound® with HD audio
LCD display

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Konftel 300IPx

Konftel 300IPx

One click is enough to start meetings with Konftel 300IPx. Together with the Konftel Unite mobile app, conference calls are easier than ever. The USB connection allows the speakerphone to be ready for all the services and apps used to collaborate and communicate through computers. When collaborations go live, you should not compromise on the sound quality, which OmniSound with HD audio ensures.

Applications for 300IPx

Applications for 300IPx

With this speakerphone, you have everything you need to keep distance meetings with high quality and efficiency. This IP conference phone fits anywhere from small meeting rooms to larger auditories, as it is possible to connect microphones and connect to external speaker systems.

Short facts about 300IPx

Meeting size: more than 20 people
upport for Konftel Unite
Built-in conference bridge USB for collaboration
OmniSound® with HD audio

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Konftel 300Mx

Konftel 300Mx

Insert the SIM card and meet wirelessly and unobtrusively. Release cables and hassles. This is the world’s only mobile conference phone and it works in every place you find mobile phone coverage. The sound quality is better than in fixed telephony thanks to the OmniSound audio technology supporting HD Voice in the mobile network. This results in crystal clear sound where all shades of the conversation are displayed. If you plug in extra microphones, up to 20 people can be heard clearly and clearly.


Applications for 300 Mx

Applications for 300 Mx

Does your organization have several conference rooms? Then this can be a perfect speakerphone for you. Because it is mobile and cordless, it can easily be moved from different rooms. USB connection also supports use for PC-based collaboration. With capacity for up to 20 users, this speakerphone will be well-suited in both large and small meetings. The battery gives up to 30 hours of talk time and is easily loaded when set at the supplied charging point. Perfect for the mobile company.

Short facts about 300 Mx

Meeting size: up to 20 people
The world’s only mobile conference phone
Support for HD Voice in 3G networks USB for collaboration
Battery provides 30 hours of talk time
Support for Konftel Unite via adapter

Konftel Unite

Konftel Unite

Konftel’s own app, Konftel Unite, makes your conference calls move nicely. The app is based on our habitual mobile behaviors, which makes it simple and instinctive to understand. You no longer have to use long phone numbers and complicated meeting codes. You can start your speaker conference with one touch of a button.

Features you get with Konftel Unite

Start your conference call with one touch of a button.
Use your own contact list for desired meeting bookings.
Manage the entire conference call directly from your mobile.
Built-in conference bridge for five parties.

Frequently asked questions about speaker phones

How many people can attend a meeting?

For 4 people Konftel Ego, Konftel 300IPx and Konftel 300Mx will fit your needs.
For 12 people, the Konftel 300IPx and Konftel 300Mx is a good choice..
At 20-25 people, the Konftel 300IPx and Konftel 300Mx fits with extra microphones as an accessory. For more than 20-25 people, the Konftel 300IPx fits with Konftel PA Interface as an accessory.

What type of connection can the devices be used with?

With Softphone / Skype for Business or similar collaboration platform, Konftel Ego, Konftel 300IPx and Konftel 300Mx fit via USB connectivity.

With Mobil extension, Konftel 300Mx fits with a SIM card in the device or Konftel Ego via Bluetooth.

With IP extension, Konftel 300IPx fits.

What is the difference between a speakerphone and a conference phone?

Speakerphone and conference phone are the same. A dear child has many names. Speakerphone, conference phone – you name it.

Can I use my mobile phone with a speakerphone?

You can use the extension from your mobile phone with the speakerphone if you are using Konftel EGO. However, there are many advantages to using a device with a separate extension, such as the Konftel 300Mx and the Konftel 300IPx.

Then you can, of course, call a mobile from your conference phone so that individuals can attend the meeting from a distance.

What is the difference between a speakerphone and a conference service?

The speakerphone is the hardware, ie the phone itself that is placed on the table. The conference service is a service  that many operators can offer. It’s a common phone number all meeting participants call in to meet at a distance. Usually, one identifies the meeting with a pin.

What does it cost to call via a conference phone?

It is the service/extension that costs when you have a conference phone. In addition to this, a conference call costs as a regular call.

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