IP telephony

Which IP phones support Soluno?

Phones bought by Soluno are pre-configured to work with the user the phone is ordered for.

The models we have for support are:

  • Snom 300- och 700 series

  • Mitels landline phones i 68xx series

  • Gigaset, N510 IP Pro, N720 IP

  • Snom Meeting point

I can't call or receive calls, what can I do?

Make sure that the base station/land line phone gets IP address, it's required to troubleshoot the phone. If it doesn't receive IP address the phone isn't working.

Start by restarting your base unit and the landline phone to see if you get an IP address after that (remove the electric cable and network cable), if it doesn't receive an IP address you need to talk to whom is responsible for your network.

If your phone is connected to another network and you get an IP address but it still doesn't work you need to have another unit (your computer for example) on the same network that support can remote control to see what type of issue it is with your landline.

Before contacting Soluno Support you need the following:

  • A computer or other unit in the same network as the phone that we can remote control.

  • A remote control ID, download the program here, and the IP address for the base/land line phone.

  • IP address to the base unit/ the land line phone.