Dstny expands further into the Finnish UCaaS market

Dstny, the largest operator independent UCaaS provider in the Nordic market, has signed an agreement with Finnish Taika Company to take over existing cooperation agreements to ensure growth in the Finnish market, concerning all services in Dstny’s brand and service portfolio.

Dstny will change strategy how to go to market in Finland, going from being a platform supplier, in a former cooperation with Taika, to taking full commercial responsibility for all the resellers. Dstny takes another important step in its European expansion following earlier establishing into Netherlands, Germany and UK.

Dstny’s responsibility now means taking over Taika’s business partners and all infrastructure, and to provide resellers with the best possible tools to support their end users.

Within a short period of time, the market will see a rapid change through upgrading of systems, services and hardware, as this shall correspond to Dstny’s high standard of functionality and reliability.

Dstny partner Taika Company has been struggling with financial difficulties for some time, Dstny means that this action is a necessary measure in order to secure the Finnish market, infrastructure and future partners.

Dstny will increase the growth of existing partners in Finland and establish new partnerships. All will be offered the opportunity to build a successful mobile first service in the cloud, just as resellers have done in the Swedish market. Dstny is looking forward to deepening existing collaborations with Lounea, Integral, Soluto and Ålcom.

Above all, Dstny will focus on educating staff, implementing a more efficient delivery system, in commercial parts as well as Marketing and Sales, for all the partners.

“Dstny is ready to increase its involvement in the Finnish market, timing is right, the target group is mature and the technical conditions are in place to reach the same number of users as on the Swedish market during the next years to come” says Mattias Ohde, CEO of Dstny.

Dstny´s proven wholesale model enables integrated services to go live in a new market in 3 months. Now it will allow Finnish users to access sophisticated pbx and collaboration services using their device of choice across mobile, tablets, computers and deskphones. 

For more details, please contact:
Mattias Ohde, CEO Dstny +46 (0)31-352 40 03
Andreas Grindelius, COO / Wholesale manager +46(0)8-120 100 01

Dstny Business Communications AB
Dstny is the largest and most expansive operator-independent UCaaS provider on the Nordic market with +150.000 users in the cloud. Dstny is driving the future of business communications by offering a mobile first concept through wholesale partners in Europe.


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