A reliable, scalable, and secure telephony solution is crucial for large businesses.


Improve collaboration within the team

In today's business-oriented environment, Dstny understands the challenges that large companies face. The advantages of being a large organization can sometimes come with significant obstacles. Size can sometimes hinder agility, which is a crucial aspect in the competitive landscape. The risk is losing ground to more agile competitors. Managing many employees can be complex, from system and login administration to ensuring that your teams have the most effective communication and collaboration tools. Additionally, there is a growing demand to meet the expectations of large customers, not only in terms of products or services but also in the quality of the service and support you provide. Good service is no longer an option. It's a necessity. At Dstny, our solutions are designed to address these challenges. They serve as a bridge that brings global teams together while maintaining the highest security and functionality standards. We strive to provide the tools you need for secure and efficient communication and collaboration, along with outstanding service, to sustain your company's growth and success.


Industry-leading security

Security is crucial for businesses to comply with all regulations and standards. Dstny offers industry-leading security to protect your company's data and communication. Be confident knowing that your business is protected against threats with our robust security measures.


Feature-rich telephony system

Take communication to the next level

Experience a business telephony system that is not only robust but also easy to navigate. Dstny offers an efficient and scalable telephony system designed to meet the unique needs of businesses.

Ikon mobil

Mobile app

Get your entire phone system along with all your customers and contacts right in your hand.
Ikon - skärm


With our webphone, you always have access to the latest features without having to update manually.


A softphone that you download and transforms your computer into a telephone.
Ikon bordstelefon

Desk phone

Make and manage calls effectively from a desk phone or an IP phone.

Smooth and easy management

Large teams require scalable communication systems that are easy to administer. This saves valuable time and resources while ensuring smooth and quick communication within the organization. An effective and user-friendly phone system contributes to increased productivity, allowing businesses to focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional products and services, while also promoting a collaborative and thriving work environment.

Teams integration

Microsoft Teams has become indispensable for many companies. Serving as a central hub for communication, collaboration, and productivity, Microsoft Teams is the top choice for numerous businesses.

By integrating the telephony system with Teams, companies empower their employees to communicate seamlessly within and from the familiar Teams environment. Synchronization between a telephony system and Microsoft Teams ensures that internal and external communication channels display the same activity status, promoting a cohesive work environment. This streamlines workflows, reduces the need to switch between multiple applications, and ultimately enhances overall efficiency.

Teams supports hybrid workplaces

With the increasing reliance on remote work, a Teams integration also facilitates a smooth transition to a hybrid work model with geographical separation for many companies. It enables employees to remain connected, collaborate effectively, and maintain the high standards of communication crucial for business success in today's digital landscape.

Laptop som visar analytics

Actionable insights

Data is the lifeblood of a company's success. Access to actionable insights in data is the compass for well-informed decisions. From understanding customer behavior to optimizing internal processes, data empowers businesses to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. It's not just about collecting information; it's about transforming raw data into strategic intelligence. In a competitive market, those who have their finger on the pulse of data thrive by using insights to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and stay ahead. At Dstny, we understand that the power of data lies not only in collecting it but also in visualizing, interpreting, and utilizing it.

Network - ikon

Historical data

Visualize data, identify trends, compare, and benchmark relevant data with our powerful reporting tool.
Ikon - skärm uppåtgående kurva

Live data

Get a snapshot with real-time data of what's happening right now. Display them on a computer screen or a dashboard through charts and tables.
Chat bot

Strengthen your team with a Chatbot

Be available to your customers 24/7

Dstny enables your company to be available around the clock. Our AI-based chatbot can be available on your website so you never miss an opportunity to engage with customers, offering 24/7 support and availability.

MyDstny Omnichannel embraces your social media

Our omnichannel solution is designed to manage communication with your customers in their preferred channels. It consolidates your social media along with common communication channels into a unified interface. This simplifies the handling and tracking of inquiries and support cases. You have the flexibility to choose whether an AI bot, a human agent, or a collaborative approach between AI and agent will handle your customers. This can be set at the channel level and ensures that customers are handled appropriately based on the communication medium they choose to contact you through.

Who's Calling CRM Connect

Improve customer service through integration with your CRM platform

Ensuring a personalized and inviting experience for each customer is crucial, regardless of the size of your customer base. By integrating your CRM system with your phone system, you not only increase the efficiency of your agents but also provide your company with the opportunity to deliver more personalized and enhanced customer service.

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