Reports – a reporting tool for telephony

Dstny Reports enables you to analyse and follow up your company’s communication pattern via a simple and powerful interface.
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Subscribe to your dream report

With the system, you can create reports that are tailored to your business, your wishes and needs. Of course, you can search for statistics based on desired parameters with different time periods, groups and users. You can then choose to save your selected parameters and have the report sent automatically at set times to selected people. The tool simply gives you continuous control of important statistics and important key figures about your company telephony, response groups and users.
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Make more data-driven decisions

Reports is a statistics tool that helps you gain insight into how your company’s telephony is managed. With Reports you can get lots of useful information to help you get an overview of what is going well and where you need to take action. You can see statistics on both incoming and outgoing calls, and choose whether you want to see it at a user level or a group level. By getting a clear overview, you can easily see, for example, when pressure is greatest on certain response groups, how many calls your sales team makes or if your customers get their calls answered on time.

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Customize your KPI reports

To measure specific key figures, create your own reports. These are timed reports that are sent to you, automatically, at the time you have selected. For example, it can be every day, every week, the last day of the month, you decide for yourself what suits you. You select which information is important, such as statistics on incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. You always decide which users, groups or numbers you want to watch and for what period. This way, you can automatically stay up to date on your telephony.

"What time of day do we actually have the most calls?"

The right statistics can help you staff as needed and gain insights on calls distributed evenly across agents. In this way, you can make the right decision about opening hours on your exchange numbers and how many people will staff them, at selected times.
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Simple to administrate yourself

Through our powerful reporting tool, you can easily go in and create reports according to your specific needs.
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Choose your parameters

Set the parameters you want to look at. For example, what time of day it rings the most or how many missed calls you had last month.
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Receive automatic mailouts

With timed reports, you get continuous information about how your company’s telephony works.

Which departments can benefit from Reports?

Keeping track of the company’s communications can be of great importance to many departments. For the support manager, it is of course important to be able to see when the pressure is at its highest, and whether the calls are evenly distributed among the employees. For the sales manager, it can be important to see that the sales group has the right amount of outgoing calls, so that customers are contacted to an extent. If you have developed a new issue for a specific campaign, the marketing team can gain important insights into how the campaign is going. If you see that extra calls go to the finance department immediately after invoices are sent, you can conclude that something needs to be clarified or improved in connection with these.

Let our favourite reports inspire you

  • The Management Team – Key figures for overall customer service
  • Sales Manager – Outgoing calls per salesperson
  • Customer Service Manager – Calls per agent, response time, and missed calls
  • Marketing Manager – Incoming calls for advertisement number
  • Accounts Manager – Number of calls per user
  • HR Manager – Staffing report, hours when the load is usually high or low
  • CEO – Fallback report, the number of calls which go to, for example, the answering service


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View the data the way you want

In Reports, you can choose to display your numbers in the way that suits you best. You can see them as bar charts, you can see compound values as pie charts, you can get timelines and column analyzes. You can also get lists of call specifications where you can specify exact times for calls, queue time, which agent received the call and much more.

Frequently asked questions about Reports

Outbound traffic can be just as important as inbound traffic. For example, a Sales Manager may want to get an overview of how much outgoing calls the sales team has. Of course, you can get statistics of both incoming and outgoing traffic through our reporting tool.

Because all traffic is going through our PBX, we can measure and extract statistics regardless of which carrier you have chosen to use for your business telephony.

Depending on the statistics you choose to view, the service will be relevant to different departments of a company. Here are some examples: The Sales Manager is often curious about the company’s outgoing calls from the Sales Team. The Management Team usually wants to keep track of overall customer service and key ratios. The HR Manager has use of staffing reports to see when the workload is high or low.

There is no reason to make things harder than they need to be. Therefore, we have enabled you to subscribe to your favorite reports. Choose yourself when and how often they should be sent and if they are only sent to a specific person or to several within the company.

Our standard report is a pre-designed report that is then sent at an interval of your choice, such as once a week or once a month. In our plus report you can choose among all the information available directly in the report tool. You can design one or more dream reports with all the information you may need. If you need any specific information at a specific time you can of course go in and get it as you wish.

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