Bring Your Own Device

Let the opportunity for BYOD drive the future of your business.


The benefits of BYOD for businesses

The BYOD model has become increasingly popular as an innovative strategy that provides businesses with many benefits. This modern approach has become fundamental for many companies striving to create a flexible and adaptable work environment, offering more advantages compared to traditional work methods.

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Increased productivity

BYOD allows employees to work from devices they feel most comfortable with.

Reduces costs

BYOD reduces companies' need to invest in hardware.
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Agility and adaptability

BYOD allows businesses to quickly integrate the latest technology and software.

Let the private remain private

With dual SIM

Smartphone innovation has enabled a BYOD approach for businesses worldwide. With dual SIM cards or an e-SIM, employees can easily separate their work life and their personal life. Now you can have a number that you are only available on during working hours, along with your personal number, on the same smartphone.


A sustainable solution

Reduced electronic waste

BYOD contributes to sustainability by extending the lifecycle of personal devices and minimizing electronic waste. Embracing BYOD is not just a technological shift. It's a strategic decision that keeps companies aligned with the preferences and expectations of modern employees. Leveraging the benefits of BYOD, organizations can promote innovation, increase productivity, and create a more agile and adaptable work environment.


Data security and control

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Dstny offers a secure cloud-based PBX solution, ready to be implemented on your employees' devices without compromising security. You can rest assured that customers' and employees' data is in safe hands when using our services.


Feature-rich telephony system

Boost your communication

Dstny's business telephony is a game-changer for companies looking to adopt a BYOD approach. With all standard features, it ensures that communication for employees is easy, fast, and professional, and is ready to meet your changing needs, regardless of the device used.

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