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IT and tech companies need to live as they learn when it comes to communication with customers, partners and suppliers. With the latest technology in telecom, we make sure that they have a communications solution that reflects their industry.


High-tech solutions tailored for IT

Companies and organizations active in IT and tech have a lot of competition today. In order to remain competitive, they must have a communication solution that is in line with their core business. With the latest technology in telecom, Dstny, together with IT companies, has created a solution that ensures they live as they learn.

The right communication solution can strengthen the interaction between your staff and your customers. Our platform, with high capacity and security, helps streamline that communication.

IT availability is everything at Sungard Availability Services. Dstny is an important partner for us in enabling us to deliver our services and also in order to resolve our need for increased mobility when it comes to telephony. Furthermore, it is nice and economical to collect all telephony under one supplier. I would also like to praise the excellent support, always easy to get hold of and always competent to deal with.
Christer Lindell
Sungard Availability Services
With 530 companies on its books, Agrando provides thousands of users with telephone support for its range of internally developed IT systems. Dstny guarantees effective support management.
Mikael Jonsson - CEO
Vitec Agrando
We have been able to reduce all of this to a single solution which delivers savings, less administration and a better overview of our telephony after the installation. When we moved to another premises the fixed telephony was a real bonus – all we had to do was take the computers and connect them at the new location.
Nichlas Spångberg - Product Development Manager
Relation & Brand

The customer wants to be recognized

Today, customers have high demands on being recognized by their supplier. They do not want to explain who they are, where they are calling from and their history with your company. The CRM Connect service connects your PBX with your CRM system or information sites such as to give you and your colleagues maximum contact information – even before the call is answered. This enables you to streamline your contact with the customer while providing better and more personalized service.


Get a clear overview of your communication

We at Dstny have seen a clear increase when it comes to the efficiency of IT companies when they get the right statistics concerning their calls. With our service Reports, companies active in the IT and tech industry can analyze and monitor communication patterns through a powerful and user-friendly interface.

Choose which number to display

A common problem that we see at companies today is that wrong numbers are displayed during outgoing calls to customers. It may sound commonplace, but today people are very careful to answer calls from numbers they do not recognize. With our solution, you can easily choose which number you want to display, both in the softphone and in the app on your mobile phone. This way you can control what number the customer sees when calling and thus get better results from customer calls and while booking meetings.

web callback

Increase the number of incoming leads

Simplicity is a crucial factor when companies convert visitors to the website to actual leads. And when it comes to businesses active within the IT sector, this requirement is extra strong from the customers. Lack of management of incoming leads causes many companies to lose potential customers already in the contact phase. Dstny’s Web Callback service is a solution that connects your website visitors with your business in a matter of seconds. With a button on your website, the customer can quickly fill in their phone number and choose whether to called directly or at a specific time.

Much more to offer

In addition to the aforementioned solutions, we have a lot of other peripheral services that could facilitate IT companies. Want to know more about what we at Dstny can do for your business? Fill out the contact form below and one of our knowledgeable advisors will contact you.

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