Banking and finance

In an industry with high standards of compliance, with a constant stream of new rules, while always needing to increase efficiency and transparency, proper telephony can make a significant difference.


Optimal for banking and finance

We at Dstny have together with companies active in the financial sector developed a solution that is optimally adapted to the banking and finance industry.


The right type of telephony system

The banking and finance sector covers a wide range of organizations such as banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, investment funds and stockbrokers to name but a few. All of these organizations are strongly committed to following what can appear as an infinite stream of new rules while ensuring that all processes are well-organized and transparent. In addition, these companies are also expected to reduce costs, have good security and be able to differentiate themselves in an extremely competitive environment. So how can companies in these areas achieve all this? Obtaining the right type of telephony system can make a significant difference.


MiFID II began in early 2018 and is an EU directive covering all investments and savings products with the exception of savings accounts. The directive applies to all EU and EEA countries and the abbreviation stands for Markets in Financial Instrument Directive 2.


Through the introduction of MiFID II, the financial industry has received increased demands for information to customers. With this, investment firms must review their customer management in general, including the telephony, in order to meet the requirements.

In accordance with MiFID II, companies active in finance must set up a special complaint handling feature. This requires a transparent complaint management that is actively analyzed. Here too, the importance of efficient customer management becomes crucial.


Automatic call recording

For an industry where the spoken word is of great importance, it is essential to have a call recording service that is easy to handle. We at Dstny offer a service that makes it easy for you to record on both fixed and mobile connections. Select whether all calls are to be recorded or if you only want to record a specific conversations. Everything is saved, from 1-7 years depending on the package you choose,  in a library that you can easily search in according to different parameters. Search for the time of the call, date, who answered or who called.

crm connect

Get customer information, even before you've answered, with CRM Connect

By linking your existing IT systems with the PBX service, you can significantly streamline customer management. The CRM Connect service means that you receive an immediate identification of the customer with associated customer information when someone calls. CRM Connect is integrated with Upsales, Zendesk, Salesforce, Lime, BCS, Freshdesk, Hubspot, and Eniro, amongst others.

Many other add-ons

In addition to the aforementioned solutions, we have many other add-on services that could facilitate cooperation and communication both internally and externally. Want to know more about what we at Dstny can do for your business? Fill out the contact form below to be contacted by one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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