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About Exact Online

Launched in 2005, Exact Online is a cloud-based business solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses, specializing in accounting, ERP, and CRM. With its ease of use and customizable platform, it has gained significant popularity among entrepreneurs looking for an integrated solution to efficiently manage finances, sales, and customer relationships.


Solid foundation that builds trust

By connecting Dstny's ancillary services with Exact Online, businesses can enhance their customer management and interaction. The integration allows for easy access to critical customer information directly within the communication flow, facilitating more targeted and efficient communication. This collaboration aims to strengthen customer relationships and optimize workflows through improved information exchange.
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Documented customer information

Integrating Dstny's ancillary services with Exact Online offers businesses the advantage of direct access to updated customer information at every point of contact. This enables more personalized and relevant conversations, quicker resolution of customer inquiries, and more efficient service.

The integration contributes to higher customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes by simplifying the process of maintaining and developing customer relationships.

Valued by employees

For employees, the integration between Dstny and Exact Online makes work smoother. During incoming calls, relevant customer information is automatically displayed, enabling an immediate and informed response. For outgoing communications, the process is further simplified as calls can be initiated directly from the customer registry in Exact Online. This integration streamlines customer communication and ensures that all data is kept up-to-date and accessible.


How does the integration work?

Dstny uses APIs to seamlessly integrate its services with Exact Online, facilitating access to vital information about customers or contacts.

To achieve an accurate match, the retrieved data fields must match the specified contact. After a successful match, the API provides not only information about the organization the contact belongs to but also details about the contact person, including the latest case.

This process ensures that users can get a holistic view of customer information for better service and follow-up.

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