Other carriers

Dstny's PBX services are carrier-independent. This means that you can mix carriers according to what suits your company best. Here you can read more about the other carriers.


Choose the carrier that suits your company best

We ourselves are a carrier on Dstny, and you are warmly welcome to choose our carrier services for your company's PBX. However, if you have other needs and another carrier is better suited for your company, we are happy to assist you with this. At Dstny, we have partnerships with all major carriers in Sweden and many popular carriers across Europe. Speak with our knowledgeable advisors about which carrier solution would best suit your company.

Other carriers that work with our PBX:

Logotyp Telia


Telia is a company that most people recognize and is a carrier widely used throughout Sweden. For companies that want Telia as their carrier, we can certainly provide this along with Dstny's PBX.
Logotyp Telenor


Telenor Business is the collective term for the services offered to entrepreneurs. This includes things like internet connectivity via fiber or mobile broadband and mobile PBX's.
Logotyp Tele2


For a business owner, having a stable and reliable telephony solution is of utmost importance for both the customer and the company. Tele2 offers a stable 5G network that can provide good coverage to over 99% of the population.
Logotyp Tre


Tre has been around for a long time and is one of Sweden's largest mobile carriers. When using the network provided by Tre, you can achieve download speeds of up to 64Mbit/s and upload speeds of 9Mbit/s.
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Dstny Denmark

By choosing Dstny Denmark's own subscriptions, you get mobile telephony that is fully integrated with your PBX.

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