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Do you want to combine Dstny's PBX services with corporate subscriptions from Tre? No problem! We are a telephony provider that has close collaborations with all major carriers in Sweden.
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Dstny’s corporate PBX is completely carrier independent and therefore works just as well with whatever carrier you choose. If you want 3 as a carrier, we are happy to help you with this. If you want to compare what it could cost with our PBX together with different carriers, you can do so in our price indicator.

Business subscription at Tre

Tre has developed as simple a solution as possible, a corporate subscription with unlimited surf in Sweden where calls and SMS are included. In addition, you get the additional service 3Världen Företag, a service that includes surfing in 80 countries, around the world.


Tre and their coverage

Tre’s mobile network covers voice calls for 98.9% of Sweden’s population. Tre were the first in Sweden to let their customers experience 5G, in 2019, and they are expanding the network across Sweden. Want to see what Tre’s coverage looks like where you are? Then you can do it through their own coverage map.

About the company Tre

Tre is a global brand with various UMTS-based mobile networks and broadband supplier. Tre exists among others in Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy And Great Britain. The brand was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong. Tre in Denmark (Hi3G Denmark ApS) and Tre in Sweden (Hi3G Access AB) has a joint network that covers most countries.

All Tre companies are owned by an affiliate company to CK Hutchinson, but the ownership structure varies. CK Hutchison Holdings owns the majority, on 6 networks via Tre group in Europe, amongst Austria, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Great Britain. All Tre brand networks offer 3G and 4G service.

Frequently asked questions about corporate subscriptions from Tre and other services

Tre has made it easy for you as an entrepreneur to choose a subscription. They offer a business plan that includes free calls and unlimited browsing. The price you can get depends on how many users you have at your company who will get the subscriptions.

Call us on 010-410 51 30 to get help with a quote that matches your company's unique needs.

Yes, you can mix different carriers within the same switchboard service when you have us at Dstny as a supplier. With us, you can change, retain and mix carrier as you need.

Yes, we can help you change PBX solution, even if you still have a lock-in period on your corporate subscriptions with Tre. We help you transfer your numbers to our PBX solution so that you can continue calling as usual. If, on the other hand, you still have a commitment period for another PBX solution, you may have to pay that amount.

Tre’s mobile network covers voice calls for 98.9% of Sweden’s population. Check out their own coverage map to see what their coverage looks like where you are.

See coverage map here.

To be able to use internet and send MMS from your phone you need to have these settings filled in, these are called APN-settings. When buying a mobile phone from Tre these are already filled in. Should there be any issues you can always reset it manually.

When using Tre company and their bundle solutions, these services are already preset before delivery of the product and nothing you won’t have to set yourself. Therefore, you can use the internet, send e-mails and receive MMS right away when the service is activated.

Via APN-settings that are already preset through the company’s mobile broadband they can more specifically identify APN for their bundle data network like a mobile-data user wants to communicate with. This allows broader use of Tre mobile services to be connected and available.

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Our competent sales representatives will be happy to contact you and help you with your specific needs, or you may call us at 010-410 51 30 to speak to an advisor directly.

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