Recruitment and staffing

Create mobility and flexibility with your employees and get more efficient communication both internally and externally with a phone solution optimized for staffing and recruitment.

Telephony that is optimized for staffing and recruitment

In workplaces today, we see a clear need to create staff mobility while enhancing communication both internally and externally. We at Dstny, together with organizations and companies active in the industry, have developed a solution that will increase both the productivity and profitability within these business areas.

A flexible workplace requires more in technology

An increasing number of companies working in recruitment adapt their workplace according to ABW (Activity Based Workplace). Instead of the work being carried out at a specific desk, employees are encouraged to carry out their tasks at the place that is best suited for both them and the job at hand. A way of working that is becoming more and more popular among both employers and employees. However, in order to create a successful ABW-adapted workplace, more technology and communication is needed to maintain the productivity of colleagues.

By combining our mobile app with a softphone (the phone integrated into the computer), the employee can easily work from any location and manage calls both through the phone and the computer. From these applications you can call, text and connect calls. In addition, more collaborative tools are built-in such as chat, conference call, video conference and file sharing.

Laptop som visar analytics

View live statistics and get reports

Being able to view statistics live and to get detailed reports is something that can help increase efficiency significantly in recruitment and staffing. Dstny has developed several services that will help your business to monitor and follow up on important patterns within communication.

With the Reports service, you can analyze and follow up your business communication patterns through a simple and powerful interface.

Know everything about your incoming calls

Impress customers and manage potential recruitment effectively by getting a close look at your incoming calls. The CRM Connect service connects your PBX with your CRM system or information pages such as to give you and your colleagues maximum contact information – even before the call is answered.


Increase the number of incoming leads

The recruitment industry is submitted to great competition and being alert towards potential customers is extremely important today. Being slow when it comes to getting back to customers simply does not work and the customer is rarely willing to work very hard to get in touch with your company. If it is not simple, the customer will choose a competitor. With our Web Callback service, we have simplified it for the customer to get in touch with your company. By a so-called widget on your website, the customer can easily fill in their phone number and when it wishes to be called, either directly or at a specific time. The service then manages the call between you and the customer so that you get in touch on time. It cannot get easier than that.


More services that can suit you

In addition to the mentioned services above, we have lots of other services that could put your company ahead of the competitors. Want to know more about what we at Dstny can do for you? Fill out the contact form below to get contacted by one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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