Our Story

We have always been pioneers and now it’s time to shape tomorrow’s communication solutions. Telephony is what we live for. Join us on the journey to the future of corporate telephony.

The future of business communication

Our goal is to drive the future of telephony for companies and this is something we live by every day. We are constantly working to develop the services we have, to make them better, safer and easier to use. In addition, we develop new features, both on our own and together with partners, to simplify the work day for our end users.

In order to drive development, we know that we need the best talents to help us. That is why we have had a strong focus on recruiting the sharpest brains on the market. Something we really think we have succeeded with.

We are now taking big steps in Europe with a focus on UCaaS and CPaaS, where our strong platform will help our Wholesale partners take business telephone to a new level.

Communication Platform as a Service

We operate as a CpaaS supplier and use open APIs to embed communication in daily applications to suit evolving customers and business needs. This allows us to implement communication into systems that aren’t made for the purpose and help businesses collect all necessities one interface. It allows businesses to excel in customer retention whereas they are able to meet customers where they are. This may entail adding a communication feature to a website that can also be connected directly to suited CRM-system. This serves as a complete foundation where companies can avoid spending time in building their own integrations as well as working in between several applications. With our cloud-based model, you get a solution that is always up to date, and scalable with evolving needs. We continuously work to add new integrations to our repertoire and we also deliver customized integrations in order serve business with complete solution.


Our company values

Dstny’s company values ​​are abbreviated as iCore. They are the cornerstones of our organization, they set the framework for how we work and we always strive to get better. iCore stands for:

I innovate to stay ahead.

I’m committed from start to finish.

Obsession for CX (Customer Experience)
I’m obsessed with customer experience.

I have respect for everyone’s rhythm, values ​​and talents.

I empower the people around me.

Become our next partner

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Become a Reseller

We have two different partner concepts for resellers. One is for you who want to focus on selling and letting Dstny do the surrounding work. The second one is for those who want to take on greater commitment and take care of the delivery and support themselves.
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Become a Wholesale partner

As a Wholesale partner, you will sell Dstny’s services and technology under your own brand. We will help you get started, shorten your startup time and are always there for you with help and support. You sell, start up, support and then bill your customers yourself.
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Become an Integration partner

We at Dstny want to create such an as fully covering service as possible. Do you have a service that you think can complement our PBX services? We are more than happy to work with CRM systems and other services to provide our customers with the most complete solution possible.

Do you want to become our partner?



Fusions and acquisitions


Millions of euros in turnover





Millions of PBX users

400 000

aaS users
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International markets

MyAcademy – Knowledge is strength

We at Dstny want our end users to always receive first-class support. They must receive knowledgeable information at the time of purchase, relevant training on usage, quick and effective help with problems and customized advice on how our services can be optimized specifically for them. This can only be achieved if everyone who manages our services has the right training and access to the latest information. That is why we have created MyAcademy. MyAcademy is a training platform that will help our employees, our resellers and our Wholesalepartners to always be up-to-date when it comes to our systems. All so that our customers, in turn, can get access to the very latest in telecom.
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Technical know-how

Through continuous training, we will ensure the continued development of the technical know-how of all parties involved.
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MyAcademy is an internet-based tool that can be accessed by all stakeholders for the most effective dissemination of knowledge as possible.
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Best practice

The platform ensures that all our customers have access to a first-class service, regardless of whether they bought through us, our resellers or our Wholesale partners.


In the search for the perfect brand activation, Dstny found the ideal partner in the Belgian cycling team Lotto, with a strong match in core values, geographic markets and audience.

Dstny.se – A climate-compensated website

At Dstny, we understand the importance of companies taking responsibility for the environment. We work actively to make smart environmental choices, everything from choosing eco-labeled paper to promoting distance meetings and therefore reduce traveling. But even websites have an impact on the environment, both through the servers that carry the website and the electricity used by the visitors via computers and screens.

As a step in our environmental work, we have chosen to climate-compensate our website via CO2-reducing projects. These projects are approved by the Gold Standard, started by the World Wildlife Fund, WWF. So you can peacefully go on surfing our webpage, knowing that this website is CO2 neutral.