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Telia is a company that most people recognize and is a carrier that is used extensively in Sweden. Of course, for those companies that want Telia as a carrier, we can supply this together with Dstny's cloud PBX.
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Dstny’s PBX is completely carrier independent and therefore works just as well with whatever carrier you choose. If you want Telia as a carrier, we are happy to help you with this. If you want to compare what it could cost with our PBX together with different carriers, you can do so in our price indicator.

Telia's corporate subscriptions

Telia can offer several different types of subscriptions for companies. Different people have different needs when it comes to mobile data volume and call minutes, and Telia has company subscriptions to cover these different needs. Choose from everything from variable price plan subscriptions, 15 GB, 40 GB to unlimited mobile data. If you choose a subscription that goes by the collective name Telia Jobbmobil, various Office apps are also included in the mobile data, that is, you can use these apps without affecting your amount of mobile data. Their subscription is 5G-ready and you get a nationwide coverage of the highest quality in Sweden.

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About Telia Company

Telia is a company that most people recognize. They offer many different solutions for both individuals and companies. Telia can deliver mobile phones, meeting services, digital tools, telephony, broadband and PBX service for your company. They have solutions for you whether you have a small, medium or large business.

Telia’s services help you as an entrepreneur to communicate in an efficient, simple and environmentally friendly way. They were the first in the world to launch 4G now making all their corporate subscriptions 5G-ready.

About Telia's corporate subscription and other services

Telia is Sweden’s oldest and largest telecommunications provider. The company has existed since 1853, when it was founded as a government agency and authority. Over the years, Telia has changed its name a number of times. At the start they were called Kongl. Elektrriska Telegraf-Werket and later switched to Televerket. Today, the company’s name is Telia Sverige AB.

For many years, Telia had a monopoly on the telecommunications network in Sweden. It was not a statutory monopoly, but for a long time there were simply no other players in the market that could compete with Telia. During the 1980s, several other players began to appear on the market and Telia was soon not alone in the market.

Today, Telia is still one of the most popular and popular companies in telephony and broadband. They have a large and well-developed network throughout Sweden. Today, they have about 6,000 employees working for Telia.

Telia has many different arrangements for corporate subscriptions. We at Dstny can help you with everything from variable price plans to fixed price plans with predetermined surfing. Telia Jobbmobil 15GB, 40GB and Unlimited surf are three popular forms of subscription. The prices we can offer you and your company depend on how many users you are, and what your needs are regarding surf and call minutes.

Call us on +4610-410 51 30 for more help on which form of subscription would suit your company.

Yes, with Dstny you can mix carriers within the same switchboard system, which is extra good if you have staff with different needs around coverage and surfing.

Yes, we can help you change company switchboard service, even if you still have a lock-in period on your subscriptions. Then we move your numbers into our switchboard system and you can then continue to place calls as usual. Want to know more about how such a move would work? Call us on +4610-410 51 30 and we will help you further.


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