Unlock the full potential with a phone system that grows with your business.


We prepare you for the journey ahead

Establishing a startup is an exciting journey where each day brings new opportunities, each team member is crucial, and each customer is invaluable. By combining coffee and ambition, versatility becomes your superpower and adaptability your shield.

Startup companies require practical expertise across all areas of operation, and adaptability is crucial. It's evident that effective communication is essential if you want to take your startup to a competitive and sustainable level.

At Dstny, we understand the specific challenges that startup companies face. We can equip you with a scalable communication platform ready to grow alongside your ambitions. With Dstny, your startup isn't just prepared for growth; it will thrive. Join us on this journey where innovation knows no bounds and communication is the key to success.


Easy to use

Fast and easy to get started with. Seamlessly integrates with most IT systems so you can be more productive in less time.


All your connections and devices are protected by our modern and always updated security services.

Any device

You communicate and collaborate effectively anywhere with our intuitive apps for all types of devices.

Communication ready to scale

Unlock the growth potential with Dstny

Expand your startup seamlessly with Dstny's cloud services. Allow our flexible solutions to grow alongside you and ensure that your communication and collaboration needs always align with your goals. Focus on your business while we manage your communication infrastructure. Adding users or services couldn't be easier than this.

Freedom meets productivity

Embrace work wherever you are

Dstny products enable your employees to thrive, no matter where they work. Embrace remote work without sacrificing productivity. Let your colleagues stay connected and efficient with our flexible telephony solutions tailored for the modern workplace.

Protect your startup's future with market-leading security

Security is of utmost importance. Dstny offers market-leading security to protect your startup's data and communication. Feel confident knowing that your company is safeguarded against threats with our robust security measures.


Feature-rich telephony system

Improves your communication

Dstny's telephony system is a game-changer for startups. Packed with a multitude of features, it ensures that your communication is seamless, professional, and ready to meet your growing needs.

Ikon mobil

Mobile app

Get your entire phone system along with all your customers and contacts right in your hand.
Ikon - jordglob


With our webphone, you always have access to the latest features without having to update manually.


A softphone that you download and transforms your computer into a telephone.
Ikon bordstelefon

Desk phone

Make and manage calls effectively from a desk phone or an IP phone.
Chat bot

Be available 24/7 with chatbot and omnichannel features

All startups should have a chatbot as part of their team

Dstny allows startups to be available around the clock. Our chatbot and omnichannel features ensure that you never miss an opportunity to interact with customers and provide them with support and availability 24/7.

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