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As a carrier-independent PBX supplier, we can help your company with subscriptions from all major carriers in Sweden. Do you want a subscription from Tele2 together with Dstny's corporate PBX? No problem, we will help you!
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Dstny’s PBX is completely carrier independent and therefore works just as well with whatever carrier you choose. If you want Tele2 as a carrier, we are happy to help you with this. If you want to compare what it could cost with our PBX together with different carriers, you can do so in our price indicator.

Corporate subscription from Tele2

At Tele2, you get corporate subscriptions at a high value but with a low price. Their subscriptions always include free calls and SMS/MMS within Sweden and the EU/ESS. Their subscriptions are also ready for 5G.

At Tele2, you will find price plans that suit all different needs. Everything from variable price plans without surf included to fixed price plans that have more or less surf included. Choose from 1 GB, 5 GB, 15 GB, 50 GB or unlimited surf.

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About Tele2 company

Tele2 is an industry-leading player in telephony solutions. With 25 years in the industry, they know their stuff and offer both individual telephony solutions and comprehensive composite packages for both private individuals and entrepreneurs. It is easy to have everything gathered in one place, and Tele2 therefore offers comprehensive solutions for the entire company.

As an entrepreneur, having a stable and reliable telephony solution is of utmost importance for both the customer and the company. Tele2 Companies focuses on practical and long-term solutions intended for both small and large companies. The offer for entrepreneurs includes mobile telephony, mobile broadband and PBXs.

About Tele2's corporate subscription and other services

The cost of a corporate subscription from Tele2 can vary greatly depending on whether you choose a variable price plan or a fixed price and depending on whether you want surfing linked to the subscription. Of course, subscriptions with more or unlimited mobile data are more expensive than a subscription with a lower surf pot. In addition, the prices vary depending on how many users you have at the company.

Call us on +4610-410 51 95 to get help with a quote that matches your company and your employees’ needs.

Yes, it is possible to mix different carriers within the same PBX service, when you have your company telephony with us at Dstny. We are an carrier-independent supplier, so with us you can change, retain and mix carrier according to your needs.

If you have a binding period left on your subscriptions from Tele2, it is still possible to change company PBX. We will help you move your existing Tele2 numbers into our PBX solution so you can continue to place calls as usual.

Tele2 has a stable 5G network that can provide just over 99% of the population with good coverage. With the help of Tele2’s own coverage map, you can see what the carriers coverage looks like across Sweden.

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Tele2 Företag offers an APN (access point name) service that is company-specific. This is a mobile solution that means that your company is assigned a specific APN name that can be configured in the mobile network from the player together with the employees’ various devices and modems and points to the company’s fixed connection.

In the company-specific APN connection that Tele2 Företag offers its customers, the subscriber needs to be verified and allowed access to access your corporate network, which enables you as an entrepreneur to get a clear overview of which devices have access to your company’s network.

As a customer of Tele2 Företag, it is also possible to take advantage of various APN offers by purchasing other services from the player, mobile broadband for example. How these offers are designed may vary slightly depending on what other services the company has purchased, so it pays to compare the alternatives.

Tele2 is today Sweden’s second largest provider of mobile services for both private individuals and entrepreneurs. The actor has been active for 25 years and was founded by Jan Stenbeck. Today, it is Christina Stenbeck who carries on the legacy, but the vision is the same. You want to challenge and improve the conditions according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Tele2 Sverige AB is part of the listed European telecom operator Tele2 AB. The company has an average turnover that can be measured up to just over SEK 29 billion, of which operating profit was measured at just over SEK 2.1 billion. The player has grown strong by constantly challenging boundaries and by having an innovative range.

Today, Tele2 has a reach of 99.9% of Sweden’s population. They were the first to launch a national 4G mobile network and has now enabled a smooth transition to the updated 5G network. The predecessor 4G is the basis for the new network, which is owned by Tele2 together with Telenor.

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