By integrating our system with popular collaboration tools and CRM systems, you will get the most out of all your services.
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Microsoft Teams

Easy with Dstny
MS Teams is a platform that facilitates collaboration, where you get everything together. By integrating our telephony service with Teams, you avoid the hassle of opening different applications to use different functions. At Dstny, we have developed three different Teams solutions to meet your specific needs - Teams Connect Telephony, Teams Connect Linestate or Teams Operator Connect. 
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By integrating your corporate telephony with your CRM systems, you can help your customers in a seamless way. An integration between your CRM system and Dstny’s cloud PBX allows you to increase the level of service while simplifying the work your employees do. Simply put, everything works better when systems work together.


Dstny’s telephony services can be used to strengthen applications that the end user is already using or that you are planning to implement. Integrate Dstny with applications such as Microsoft Teams or Exchange to get more out of both your business telephony and your applications.
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Dstny Carrier Services

With Dstny's switching services, you as an entrepreneur can choose which operator best suits your company and your employees' needs. Regardless of which operator you choose, we help you with everything from contracts, support and advice. In this way, you get a contact surface for your company telephony.

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