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About Hubspot

HubSpot aims to help its customers close more deals with less effort. They automate tasks that your sales department would rather avoid in a program that is designed to be user-friendly. The company serves approximately 48,000 customers in over 100 countries.

Customer insights can help your business

Why should one integrate their switchboard services with their CRM system? The answer doesn't require rocket science. Both Dstny's switchboard services and HubSpot are tools designed to manage and streamline channels for incoming sales. Naturally, allowing these services to work together enhances their effectiveness.

Personalized service is better service

With the integration, as a user, you can receive valuable information about your customers even before you have answered the call. By knowing details like the customer's name and the company they work for, you can ensure that the right agent is assigned to the customer from the start. With a simple button press, you can transition directly from Dstny's services into HubSpot, thereby accessing the complete customer contact card.

When customers don't have to explain their entire purchase journey to your staff, they will feel acknowledged and prioritized. Moreover, you will be able to streamline the entire process and free up valuable time for your staff, enhancing the customer service experience and operational efficiency.

How does the integration work?

The customer specifies which fields they want to retrieve from HubSpot into their Dstny services. Which fields they want us to search for in HubSpot when matching against the customer's number. The information is then fetched and displayed in the services we can integrate.

Dstny services integrated with HubSpot

Learn more about our services compatible with HubSpot.
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