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About Vitec Software Group

Vitec is a leading software company specializing in vertical software, with its origins and headquarters in Umeå. They develop and deliver standardized software for various niches, such as pharmacies, banks, auto repair shops, real estate, healthcare, and education.
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Comprehensive overview

Vitec offers a multitude of extensive customer relationship management solutions designed to meet the specific needs of businesses across various industries.

The platforms are engineered to maximize customer engagement and optimize sales processes through advanced tools for customer data management, communication management, and sales support. With user-friendly interfaces and customizable features, Vitec's diverse CRM solutions support companies in their pursuit of building strong and lasting customer relationships.


Exceeding customer experience

By implementing Dstny's ancillary services with Vitec, businesses can benefit from deeper insights into customer behaviors and preferences, enabling more targeted and effective marketing and sales strategies.

The system also offers tools for efficient follow-up and customer service, ensuring that customer expectations are not just met but exceeded. Furthermore, Vitec facilitates team collaboration by centralizing customer information, contributing to better communication and unified customer experiences.


Flexibility in mind

Vitec's solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with other business systems and communication solutions, making Dstny's ancillary services an excellent complement for a cohesive technological environment that supports the entire operations of a company.

Customizable modules and APIs allow businesses to tailor the solution to their unique processes and needs, making Vitec's solutions among the most flexible available on the market.


How does the integration work?

Dstny utilizes APIs for smooth integration with Vitec, allowing you to retrieve valuable information about customers and contacts directly into your system. To link the information, certain data fields must match between the two systems.

Once a match is found:

  • The API retrieves information about both the organization and the specific contact.
  • You receive detailed information about the contact, including names, contact details, and any roles within the organization.
  • You can view information about the customer's most recent orders, providing you with a better overall picture.
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