Streamline communication, both internally and with patients, using a telephony solution tailored to the care industry.


Telephony with care in focus

Together with several healthcare organizations, Dstny has developed a solution tailored for companies and organizations working with all types of care. A solution that has a strong focus on security and reliability. This includes both employee and patient safety but also security to meet GDPR requirements. The solution is also built to strengthen external and internal communication.

Yes, it is possible to have a switchboard via Telenor or Telia, but there is a risk of it taking a long time to get help if it is needed. Dstny’s support is fast and the fact that we have a fixed personal contact is effective. They know how we operate and how we want things to be.
Veronica Thuring
Falck Healthcare
We experience the cooperation with Dstny as very well. The solution Dstny presented to us at Access Rehab was comparatively the best in the light of our forthcoming expansion. We have received quick help regarding the issues that have arisen and perceive Dstny as personal and committed.
Andreas Bjurman - CEO
Access Rehab
scalable pbx

A scalable cloud-based PBX

With a cloud-based PBX you do not have to invest in expensive hardware and allocate valuable space to accommodate the PBX. Whether you choose to work primarily with desk phones, softphones (phones installed in the computer) or mobile extensions, all these solutions are user-friendly and easy to install. You can easily make changes to your PBX yourself or call our technical support for assistance.

In addition, it is easy to increase and decrease the number of users, service offerings and price plans according to your needs. Something that is perfect if, for example, you bring in many new employees over the summer or you enter people who practice their internship at your company. In case of major changes in your staff, you can choose to integrate the PBX with our AD service or HR systems service to keep the gear up to date with the latest information.


Does different employees have different needs regarding choice of carrier depending on where your various facilities are located around the country? This is no problem as we are completely carrier-independent. You can, therefore, easily exchange, maintain or mix carriers to suit all needs.


Allow a bot to keep patient's place in the phone queue

In care business it can sometimes be difficult to handle the number of incoming calls. Instead, patients are put in long telephone queues. Through our service, Virtual Phone Q, a bot can hold their place in the phone queue tand connect the agent and patient at the right time.


Answering service

For organizations and companies that work with different types of care, the importance of being available and responding to calls and alarms is imminent. With an integrated answering service in your telephone exchange, you ensure that all calls are answered regardless of the time of day or work load.

The service is structured in such a way that the caretaker will experience it as if it is your organization that responds to the call. The operator responds according to your instructions and has the same information as you have in your exchange. This way, calls will not be forwarded to employees or departments that are not available.

Many add-ons

In addition to the mentioned services above, we have many other add-on services that can streamline your patient management and customer care. Want to know more about what we at Dstny can do for you? Fill out the contact form below to be contacted by one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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