AD Connection

Reduce handling times and ensure that the PBX is always updated with correct information.

Latest information in the PBX at all times

Dstny AD connection enables you to synchronize all information in the company’s AD (Active Directory) with the PBX. It reduces handling times and the risk of errors, and keeps the PBX updated with correct information at all times about, for example, name, number and search word.


Automate processes

The service means that the PBX is updated automatically once every twenty-four hours with all changes that have been made in the company’s AD. It is also possible to automate processes so that, for example, a user who is added or removed in AD automatically creates a ticket with Dstny’s support, which in turn adds to or removes a user.

Benefits of AD Connection

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Very easy to get started – no training required.
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Retrieve info

Simple information retrieval when Dstny is to be made operational.
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Automated process with synchronization once every twenty-four hours.
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Always updated

Up-to-date information in the PBX at all times.
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Reduced cost

Reduced cost in that users that have been removed are terminated automatically.
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Minimized risk

Minimum risk of administration errors.

Simple installation process

Completely new customers can obtain all information from the PBX retroactively synchronized with their AD, which is then updated with telephone number and search word. This connection also ensures that the installation is incredibly effective and easy.

Frequently asked questions about AD Connection

AD connections helps keeping your switch up to date with the latest information. It’s when changes happen that the service does its job. This can be, for example, when someone ends or starts their employment or when someone changes a phone number. Even when the actual installation of your switch is made, AD connections is a perfect complement as it directly ensures that the right information ends up in the right place.

The answer is yes, our AD connection works with Google’s identity management.

Sometimes it’s just a specific selection of staff that you want to synchronize with the switch. This selection works perfectly in our function.

AD connection is used to update the switch without the need for manual work. If you have a small company where there are no big changes on the switch, maybe AD connection is a bit superfluous. Are you, however, a large company or organization where changes are often made in your staffing force? Then AD connection can be a perfect service to install.

You choose which fields to sync so that it only retrieve the fields you want to enter. Below are examples of fields you can choose to synchronize from your AD:

firstName, lastName, initials, displayName, description, office, phone, email, homepage, loginname, sameaccount , street, postbox,  city, state, postalcode, country, title, department, company, manager, homePhone, pager, mobilePhone, fax, ipPhone.

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