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Everything in one interface

Welcome to the future of communication! With the launch of our new platform MyDstny, we are opening the door to an innovative and flexible communication solution. MyDstny will serve as a focal point for many of the services and features that Dstny has to offer, all in one interface.
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Integration of digital channels

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Completely web based

The system is entirely web-based and flexible – it doesn’t matter where you are located geographically or which platform, operating system or telephone carrier you have. Increase and decrease the number of administrators as needed and only pay for what you actually use. Connect functions as you grow into the solution and reallocate the recourses based on your needs.

Test without commitment time

Experience MyDstny Omnichannel today already – try it out without any commitment time or fees. Claim the offer by contacting us.

Why MyDstny Omnichannel?

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Efficient Customer Interaction

It’s becoming increasingly common for customers to reach out to companies directly on social media nowadays. MyDstny Omnichannel streamlines customer interaction by gathering your channels in one place in the Digital Channels view. You can address inquiries more swiftly, enhance your social media presence, and boost customer satisfaction.
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Round-the-Clock Support

Relieve your staff and save time with our Chatbot application. It’s designed to address common questions and issues, freeing up time and resources. This allows you to provide fast and consistent support to your customers, even during nights and weekends.
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Smooth Hybrid Solution

MyDstny Omnichannel provides easy and flexible web-based communication through our Webphone. You can reach your customers quickly from any device, wherever you are – all you need is a web browser. Perfect for hybrid work environments!

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In MyDstny you will find our Webphone, a completely web-based Softphone. It allows you to make and receive calls from colleagues and externally, directly in the browser. It is our cloud-based PBX that forms the basis. It is also carrier-independent, which means that you do not have to limit yourself in any way.

Digital channels

You can integrate your digital channels and social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, straight into MyDstny, which means that incoming chats from your customers end up here in one unified inbox. It simplifies task management, saves time and reduces administration for your support team, while ensuring you never miss a message. Update your customer service system today!
Chat bot


With the help of an AI bot, you can be available around the clock and provide customer service directly, while keeping personnel costs down. Dstny Chatbot, our digital chatbot solution for businesses in the SME segment, can take over and respond to messages in your digital channels and on your website, if you for example receive many similar questions. This means that you can free up time that you can spend on value-added tasks instead. You enter pre-programmed responses into the bot in the admin view, and can then choose to monitor the conversations in MyDstny if you want to make sure the customer is getting the best possible service.

Common questions about MyDstny Omnichannel

Yes, just like with Dstny’s other services, you can have any carrier you want.

Omnichannel comes from the Latin word “omni”, which means all. This means that you have all your channels integrated in one and the same interface. All channels are connected, operate in a consistent manner and the entire customer support team has access to the same customer information in real time, enabling them to deliver contextual and consistent service.

In Dstny’s case, Omnichannel means that you have activated several features in our platform MyDstny, such as for example Digital Channels, which makes the platform an omnichannel solution.

Yes, as a customer of Dstny you log in with your user at, and can then both make and receive calls wherever you are, as long as you have a browser.

You can integrate Instagram, Facebook and any chat you have on your website.

Yes, with our services Teams Connect Telefoni or Teams Connect, colleagues from several applications can see each other’s presence and status and collaborate in the same response groups. The users who need/want to work and manage their calls in Teams can do so at the same time as the users who need/want to work in MyDstny can do so and at the same time see status and presence.

You can choose icon or logo, change banner and set color scheme, change texts and set your own CSS.

Yes, a short introduction to Omnichannel is included, showing the basics of setup.

Chrome 90.0.4430, Firefox 74, MS Edge, Chromium-based (Brave) or higher versions.

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