Customer Engagement

Give your customers the best possible experience and stand out from the competition.

Elevate your customer's experience

In a consolidated market, the customer experience and customer service are increasingly crucial to the survival of companies. With the right tools, you can give employees motivation and the conditions to take your service to the next level.


CRM Connect

CRM Connect connects your existing IT systems with our PBX. The connection provides important information about the calling customer even before you have answered.
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Answering Service

If there are many callers, the operator is sick or the company is undergoing training, it is good to have a personal answering service to help. Our answering service answers in your name, according to your script and according to the instructions you specify.
Call Recording

Call Recording

Call Recording is a user-friendly call recording service that works on both landline and mobile numbers. The recorded calls end up in an intuitive and secure portal where the calls are stored for easy management.
Virtual Phone Q

Virtual Phone Q

Virtual Phone Q gives your customers the option to let a bot hold their place in the phone queue and instead be called back at a predetermined time.
Web Callback

Web Callback

Web Callback helps existing and new customers to get in touch with you in a convenient way. They don't have to wait in any telephone queues as they can instead request to be called via a simple form on your website.
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