CRM Connect

We link together your existing CRM solution with our office phone system. The integration helps you to raise your level of service and simplifies your everyday work.

Gather everything in one place

Simplified and more efficient customer management not only leads to more resolved cases but also happier customers and employees. All too often, we make costly investments in new systems without fully utilizing their potential. With Dstny's CRM Connect, you can guarantee better service to your customers and avoid potential duplicate work since everything is gathered in one place.

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Immediate identification with CRM Connect

The CRM connection ensures that a customer card is automatically displayed in your web browser when a customer calls or when you make an outgoing call. There, you can see important information about the customer, such as their name, company, their latest inquiry and so on, even before you've answered the call. This makes it easy to provide excellent customer service and quickly start handling the inquiry. The service also sends first and last names to other devices such as mobile phones, Softphone, desk phones, and wireless phones in case you don't have access to the computer.

Integrate the service with multiple CRM systems and search services

The CRM Connect service currently has the capability to search in multiple CRMs, business systems and search services. If you have another system you would like to integrate with the service, please feel free to contact us so our technicians can investigate whether we can solve it for you. We also offer custom integration for CRMs that we do not support.

"Sorry, where did you say you were calling from?"

With CRM Connect in place, you never have to wonder who is calling. A customer card with information retrieved from your CRM system opens automatically when the customer calls in. Mobile phones, Softphones, desk phones, and wireless phones display the caller's name in case you are not at a computer when the call comes in.

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More efficient working method

The connection simplifies your work thanks to rapid customer identification with the CRM pop up and because everything is gathered in one place.
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More satisfied customers

Personal reception, more effective customer management and shorter resolution time guarantees more satisfied customers.
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Customised integration

Integrate with the most popular business systems. If a connection is required that is not already available, we assist you with it.

Simplify your work with the right customer information

Dstny works with businesses across various industries that have witnessed the positive impact of integrating support systems with telephony. The result includes increased sales, improved customer care and happier employees. One example of successful integrations is those carried out among real estate agents. With connected real estate software, customers have achieved a positive and measurable streamlining.

Some features of CRM Connect:

Ikon - notifiering

Notification during calls

Ikon bordstelefon

Number lookup

Ikon mobil telefon

Conversation history

Ikon användare

Search customer or people

Ikon network

Shared notes

First and last names are displayed on other hardware connected to the PBX

Install CRM Connect

Have you ordered the service and want to download it? Here you will find links to the installation files for different browsers.

Adjust your solution

We have created a service that can be adjusted to your company. You can independently expand and update the standard setup with the boxes and buttons you need to meet your specific requirements via the administrator portal, MyAdmin. If you want to produce your own integration, there are clear guides and documentation available to support you. You can also contact us with requests for CRM systems you would like to see integrated. All to ensure that CRM Connect becomes a service that meets your needs precisely.

Frequently asked questions about CRM Connect

We have created infrastructure to be compatible with several CRM systems:

  • Afas
  • Custom Connector
  • Exact Online
  • Freshdesk
  • Freshsales
  • Hubspot
  • Lime Rest
  • Lime Webservice
  • Pipedrive
  • Salesforce
  • SuperOffice
  • TOPdesk
  • Upsales
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho

CRM compability matrix

Do you want other CRM systems that you want to connect with CRM Connect? Contact one of our advisors and they will check if that’s something we can solve for you. You can also create your own integration using our guides and documentation.

CRM pop-up refers to a window that 'pops up' in your web browser. The window appears when someone calls. In the pop-up window, you can see information about the person calling, depending on which CRM system the service retrieves information from. You can for example create a new case, view existing cases, or open users or companies in the CRM. Each user has the ability to configure how the service behaves during incoming and outgoing calls.

The service supports searching through, Eniro (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) in addition to the CRMs we are compatible with. This means that the service has the ability to find information about the person calling in even if it's not available in your existing CRM, provided that the information is instead available on Eniro or Hitta.

CRM Connect is suitable for both small and large companies because there is always a significant advantage in obtaining good information about the calling customer. The service also caters to companies that handle telephony via other devices besides computers, as first and last names are sent to these devices if there is a match via CRM, Hitta, or Eniro. All companies that make outgoing calls and handle incoming traffic, for both new and existing customers, have much to gain from this service.

CRM Connect currently has support in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (via Chrome Store).

Get in touch with us

Our competent sales representatives will be happy to contact you and help you with your specific needs, or you may call us at 010-410 51 30 to speak to an advisor directly.

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