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Phone systems in the cloud

Phone systems in the cloud

Dstny offers a cloud phone system that is just as suitable for small businesses as large enterprises. Because of the scalability of the phone system, we are able to cater to the needs of all types of company sizes.

Phone systems for small businesses usually needs to enable all staff to help where help is needed. Phone systems for enterprises, on the other hand, need to help staff find the right person, to see who is available, and so on. We have created addons around our office phone system to give companies features to help with all possible challenges that may occur around customer service.

MyDstny Omnichannel

MyDstny Omnichannel

Welcome to the future of communication! With the launch of our new platform MyDstny, we are opening the door to an innovative and flexible communication solution. MyDstny will serve as a focal point for many of the services and features that Dstny has to offer, all in one interface: webphone, integrated digital channels and chatbot.

The system is entirely web-based and flexible – it doesn’t matter where you are located geographically or which platform, operating system or telephone carrier you have. Increase and decrease the number of administrators as needed and only pay for what you actually use. Connect functions as you grow into the solution and reallocate the recourses based on your needs.

Teams – Simple with Dstny

Teams – Simple with Dstny

Combine Microsoft Teams with our leading cloud exchange services. We offer a full integration of our exchange solution with Teams where you can use our exchange services, from standard answer groups to more advanced functions such as button selection menus, operator functions and more. It all creates a complete service that is completely cloud-based.


Keep, change or mix carriers. Dstny’s phone systems works with all carriers.

Wholehearted support

Speak with a technician who solves more than 90% of all cases right away.

One interface

Phone system, PBX and subscription plan regardless of carrier. All in one place.

Dstny – Industry leader in Europe

Dstny – Industry leader in Europe

Dstny is a leading European provider of cloud-based business communications. The company strives to simplify everyday life for more than 2.2 million users today: the interactive tools in Business Communications deliver as a service and bring together employees and customers in all communication formats (voice, video, chat and more).

Dstny tools are innately “mobile-first”, locally customizable, easy to use and easy to integrate, for companies, partners and service providers. By combining innovative technology with close relationship partners and service providers, and with strong local teams, Dstny can deliver the best possible user experience and make the latest applications available to companies across Europe.

Our customers

Here you will find some of our satisfied customers in different sizes, industries and geographical locations. Feel free to read their own words about our service and about us as a supplier.

About Dstny's office phone system

Mitel Phone system with Call recording

The need for a reliable phone system with call recording, that is compliant with GDPR, is great in the market today. Our Call recording service, that we provide together with our phone system, powered by Mitel, comes in two packages. We have Call recording Automatic, where all calls are recorded, both outgoing and incoming. The calls are stored in a portal for up to a year. This package is GDPR compliant.

With the Call Recording Pro package, you can choose if all calls should be recorded or if you only want to record on demand. In this package you can choose to store the calls for up to seven years. The Pro package is compatible with MiFID II, PCI DSS and GDPR.

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Phone Systems for Call Center

Call Centers can be the backbone in successful customer service. And a Call Center need a phone system that can handle large quantities of calls, both incoming and outgoing, in an effective way. We offer a stable telephony system, based on cloud PBX technology (powered by Mitel), that is cost-effective and easy to use. Using IP and VoIP technology we can provide telephony solutions for Call Centers of all sizes.

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Benefits of virtual phone systems

So why is it better to have a virtual system rather than fixed PBX stationed in your office? Well, there are several reasons, actually. All though a fixed PBX phone system is usually reliable and has great functionality, that is the end of its true benefits. A fixed landline PBX is costly to purchase and costly to maintain.

Yes, it is a reliable but the day something breaks, you need a technician to come over, repairs could be expensive, and it can take a lot of time to get the system up and running. Virtual phone systems usually have an uptime of about 99% or more, so these systems are reliable as well. The benefit of a virtual phone system is that you can be completely certain that the supplier always has a technician ready if anything should go wrong, and of course this comes to no extra charge for you as a customer.

A fixed PBX is expensive to upgrade and maintain, upgrades needs to be done by a technician and parts are costly. With a virtual phone system, you always have the latest update through your supplier, and updates never cost you any extra.

When you buy a fixed PBX, you make room for a certain number of users. Say you are 45 employees when you install the system, but you make room for 60 users. Up to 60 users, it is fairly easy to install new users. But the day you need to install the 61st user, you will need to order new hardware and, once again, a technician need to help you with the installation. With an IP-based phone system you can scale almost to infinity. Therefore, virtual phone systems are better for companies that want to grow.

Beyond this, virtual phone systems are really good when it comes to integrate with other systems, such as CRM-systems and add-ons. This opens up possibilities to take your telephony, and customer service, to a new level.

What are hosted business phone systems?

We, at Dstny, offers a hosted business phone system. This means that, you as a customer, get a phone system without needing to invest in any hardware to carry the telephony. We maintain and upgrade the system to make sure that your company always gets the best possible IP based phone system. With hosted business phone systems, you can get both VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) and traditional PBX, which let you enjoy the flexibility of letting your staff work with the type of phone system they need. A hosted phone system is flexible, scalable and cost effective.

Multi-line phone systems vs PBX phone systems.

First of all, what is a multi-line phone system? In standard telephone systems, the technology is built to carry audio data packets back and forth between two parties. With a multi-line phone system, such as 2-line phone systems and 4-line phone systems, there can be several people on the phone at the same time. These multi line phone systems can be both internal and external.

A PBX phone system is a multiline system that centralizes the telephony and enables many users to call and receive calls at the same time. Before, when only fixed PBX phone systems existed, it was costly to get your own company PBX. Back then, a multi-line phone system was a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Today, with the option to get a hosted virtual phone system, you can get an office phone system that is just as cost-effective for small businesses as enterprises. With a hosted solution you will not need to invest in expensive hardware, instead you get an IP based phone system that is hosted by your provider.

Cloud PBX technology

More and more companies are switching to cloud-based IT systems all over the world, this trend applies to phone systems as well.That’s why we offer the market’s most powerful cloud PBX technology. With the technology of a cloud-based PBX you get a reliable IP based phone system suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. We have developed our cloud PBX technology, powered by Mitel, during several years and know what is needed in order to help companies to succeed with their customer service. With popular features such as VoIP, IP-telephony and several smart addons, we can provide a system that works for both small business and if you have multiple offices.


Dstny’s add-on package then opens up advanced functionality and additional modules for the PBX technology. This way you can tailor the phone system to your specific needs and desires. As a Dstny customer, you also get access to an online store with competitive prices and very fast deliveries. With Dstny’s PBX service, you can also change, maintain or mix the carriers freely and whatever carrier you prefer to use, we help with everything from agreements, support and advice. All in one contact area.

Integrate our telephony with Teams

Do you work a lot in Teams? By integrating your telephony with Teams, you get everything in one and the same interface. Team’s smart collaboration tool together with Dstny’s leading telephony system for companies.

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