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Do you want Telenor's subscription in our PBX solution? No problem, we will help you find the best solution for your business.
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Dstny <3 Telenor

Dstny’s PBX is completely carrier independent and therefore works just as well with whatever carrier you choose. If you want Telenor as a carrier, we are happy to help you with this. If you want to compare what it could cost with our PBX together with different carriers, you can do so in our price indicator.

Telenor's corporate subscription

We can help you with subscription forms from Telenor to suit your company’s specific needs. Whether you are looking for subscriptions with variable price plans, with free calls or with unlimited surf, we have a solution that suits you. There are company subscriptions with a small or no amount of surf included for you who need to focus mostly on call minutes. We can also help you with price plans with specific surfing amounts, such as 4 GB, 15 GB or 50 GB.

Contact us on +4610-410 51 95 and one of our knowledgeable advisers can help you with price proposals adapted to your company’s unique needs.


Telenor Obegränsat (Unlimited)

With Telenor’s subscription Obegränsat (Unlimited) you get a subscription that is 5G-ready, Telenor is working full time to expand its 5G network and has 5G in 36 locations in Sweden. You get surf that is included in 41 countries, which means that you can surf for up to 100 GB in countries such as the USA, Great Britain and Turkey, at no extra cost. You can also get an extra SIM card for data, which you can have in your tablet or computer.


About Telenor

Here we will take a closer look at the company Telenor and the services they offer entrepreneurs in Sweden and internationally. Their success in communication is based not only on the previous monopoly within Norway’s borders but also on a long experience in the industry when they were founded as early as 1855, then as Norway’s Telegraph Office.

Telenor company is the collective name for the services offered to entrepreneurs. This includes such things as connection to the network via fiber or mobile broadband and mobile PBXs. The company is constantly working to improve and develop its services while steadily growing in the international communication market.

About Telenor corporate subscription and other services

We can help you with subscriptions that cover your company’s specific needs. Everything from subscriptions with free calls, subscriptions with small amounts of surf to subscriptions that have unlimited surf. What prices you as an entrepreneur receive depends on what structure you want and how many users you are.

Call us on +4610-410 51 30 for help with which form of subscription would suit your company.

Ring oss på 010-410 51 30 för att få hjälp med vilken abonnemangsform som skulle passa ditt företag.

Yes, it is possible to mix different carriers within the same switchboard service, when you have your company telephony with us at Dstny.

If you have a lock-in period left on your Telenor subscriptions, it is still possible to change company PBXs. We will help you move your existing Telenor numbers into our PBX solution so you can continue to place calls as usual.

With the help of Telenor’s coverage map, you can see what their coverage looks like across Sweden.

Click here to see the coverage map.

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Our competent sales representatives will be happy to contact you and help you with your specific needs, or you may call us at 010-410 51 30 to speak to an advisor directly.

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