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Zendesk is a customer service platform that allows for the management of all customer interactions across phone, email, and chat in one centralized location for efficient customer handling.
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Get the right information about your customers

By integrating Zendesk with Dstny's auxiliary services, you ensure that your support technicians and agents have access to crucial information about your customers and their support history. Your sales team also stands to benefit greatly from knowing about your customers' interactions with support. This knowledge can promote both upselling and customer satisfaction. Integrating with Zendesk allows everyone in contact with the customer to be aware of specific issues and the status of various cases, leading to more informed interactions and a more cohesive customer service experience.
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How Does Integration with Zendesk Help?

This integration adds new functionality to Zendesk tickets as more people within the company can access support cases and their statuses. It provides not just insights about the customer but also a unique opportunity to impress. Since your employees receive crucial information about the customer, you can offer both faster and more professional handling while more easily understanding the customer's needs and solving their problems.

When the customer doesn't need to explain their history, they will feel like a prioritized customer, which in turn strengthens the relationship with your company. You can display the customer's latest tickets or the recent tickets of the customer's colleagues, offering a comprehensive view of the customer's interaction history and enhancing service personalization.


Easy to get started

No technical skills are required to begin integrating with Zendesk. Our technicians at Dstny will provide all the necessary information to get started. It's straightforward to retrieve the API key needed to launch the service. This accessibility ensures a smooth setup process, allowing businesses of any technical background to enhance their customer service capabilities with Zendesk integration quickly.


How does Dstny integrate with Zendesk?

Once Dstny's services are integrated with Zendesk, information will be retrieved via API. You can fetch custom fields from Zendesk if there are specific details or particular fields you wish to display about the caller. 

Dstny services integrated with Zendesk

Learn more about our services that are compatible with Zendesk.
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