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Reduce pressure on your employees while allowing your customers to get help, around the clock. In addition, the service can help convert website visitors into leads.

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Dstny Chatbot acts as an automated support channel for your business, thanks to its artificial intelligence. Through a widget on your website, help centre or intranet, a digital chatbot can answer questions, drive leads and embed help pages directly in the chat. Should there be a question that the bot cannot answer, the service can instead connect the customer to a live chat, if you have one. With the Digital Channels view enabled, you can also get help with social media case management. Get Chatbot for Business today and take your customer service to the next level!

Every company should have a virtual colleague

 The demand for automation and streamlining is increasing for entrepreneurs in all industries. At the same time, customers have equally high demands for accessibility and fast service. By investing in artificial intelligence bots, you can meet these high demands while keeping labour costs down. A virtual colleague should be part of every company.
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World-class customer support

By being able to help your customers directly, 24/7, you will be able to take your customer service to a whole new level.
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Generate Leads

Let the bot help convert website visitors into leads and help increase your revenue.
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Integrate with existing systems

The service is integrated with several other services and CRM systems, giving you and your customers a seamless experience.

Easy to get started

We help you get started with the service in MyDstny. We assign you a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will help you create relevant questions and answers based on your business and customer needs. Everything is then brought together in a user-friendly interface where you can easily manage the bot and edit questions and answers.

There for your customers - 24/7

With a chatbot integrated into your website, help centre or other customer service system, you can help your customers around the clock. By collecting common questions and answers in the bot's response system, you can reduce the pressure on your staff while the customer gets immediate feedback. Case management has never been so fast and easy!


Increase inbound leads

You can also use the chatbot to convert your website visitors into leads. By configuring questions and answers to promote new services and asking potential customers to provide their details, you can increase conversions. Let our AI bot do the work.

Integrating with other systems

The service can be integrated with Zapier. If you have a system that is not in the Zapier library, there is also the possibility of customised integrations, according to your needs.

FAQ - Dstny Chatbot

We help you with the set-up of the service. Our Customer Success Manager will hold a workshop with you/your company to discern what you want to achieve with the service. Then we will help you set up the questions and answers. Once the service is set up and running in MyDstny, there is also a user-friendly portal where you can easily edit, add or delete questions and answers.

Our Chatbot is suitable for companies in the SME segment as well as larger ones. Since the service can both help answer the most common questions and drive leads, this makes it easier for both the sales team and the support department.

Yes, you can customise the chat box to fit the graphic profile of your website, intranet, help centre or similar web sites.

You can configure the bot in the way you think is best. Many choose to give the visitor the choice to chat with a real support agent, others choose to configure the bot to encourage the visitor to ask the question in a different way or offer a suggestion for commonly asked questions. How you want the bot to act is entirely up to you.

Get in touch with us

Our competent sales representatives will be happy to contact you and help you with your specific needs, or you may call us at 010-410 51 30 to speak to an advisor directly.

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