Dstny first in the market with mobile coverage at a fixed price

About 2 million mobile telephone calls are made indoors every day which do not have satisfactory coverage. There are several reasons for this, but above all it can lead to lost business for companies. Dstny is therefore the first to provide a service to resolve this problem, mobile coverage, at a fixed price with optional operator.

Communication is increasingly mobile. It is estimated that today 50 per cent of all calls are made through mobile phones and that 80 per cent of these are made indoors.

Demands that the coverage should always function are thus also increasing. More and more properties are being built with energy glass and reinforced concrete facades, which makes it more difficult for mobile networks to permeate in. In addition, mobile traffic has increased substantially, resulting in inferior capacity.

Dstny is now first in the market with a service to resolve this problem – Mobil Inomhustäckning with optional operator at a fixed price.

There are several benefits of this, including:

  • Improved signal strength
  • Higher mobile speech quality
  • High mobile data speed
  • Better utilization of radio waves
  • Better network capacity

The service entails us installing repeater equipment which redirects and distributes the radio signals in, for example, an office. Hardware, installation, support and service, as well as permit searches are included in our offer”, says Mattias Ohde, CEO of Dstny.

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