Dstny offers enhanced options for conference and speaker phones

Two of Konftel’s hybrid phones have been validated for the Dstny cloud switchboard. This marks the start of a collaborative partnership between Konftel, a global leader in conference and speaker phones, and Dstny, a rapidly-expanding supplier of communication services to Swedish companies.

The validation means that two popular Konftel phones have been tested and evaluated to determine their compatibility with the MiCloud Telepo-based switchboard service Dstny. The Konftel 300IPx is an IP telephone that can be used with the Konftel Unite app for simple and efficient One Touch Conferencing. The Konftel 300Mx is the only mobile conference phone in the world to feature an integrated SIM-card holder. Both belong to the category of hybrid telephones and have support for making conference calls and USB for web-based collaboration.

Although Dstny will initially be focusing on these two hybrid models, the entire extensive Konftel range, from the personal and portable Konftel Ego speaker phone to solutions for large conference halls, will be available to customers.

Both companies are positive about the collaboration

The companies are extremely positive about their closer collaborative relationship. Konftel affords Dstny greater opportunities to deliver end-to-end solutions that its customers expect and need. Konftel’s portfolio of widely-known products and outstanding quality are fully in line with Dstny’s values and high standards for performance, simple installations and service.

– The majority of our customers have jobs that involve flexible, mobile working, often in combination with our softphone. The products are ideal for this type of customers and there is continuous demand for products like these, says Joachim Brandt, Chief Communications Officer at Dstny.

Konftel’s Area Sales Manager Nordic, Jörgen Rönnqvist, believes it will be an exciting partnership:

– This is a really interesting area of the market. We currently have a strong focus on validating our products for cloud-based PBXs in the Nordic countries. Dstny is in a phase of rapid expansion and delivers flexibility and responsiveness to its customers’ needs, which is a positive thing.

For more details, please contact:

Joachim Brandt, CCO, +46(0)31-352 40 45, joachim.brandt@dstny.se

Dstny Business Communications AB
About Dstny: Founded in 2017 as a merger between Solus Business Communications AB and Uno Telefoni. The merger was made possible through reinvestment in Dstny by the new owner SEB Private Equity and the founders of Solus and Uno. The company works with cloud-based communication solutions and will initially form the largest operator-independent player on the Swedish market. The company intends to continue its expansion in Scandinavia and sees huge potential for growth internationally too, particularly in the European market.