Carrier services

With Dstny’s PBX services, you as an entrepreneur can choose the carrier that best suits your company and your employees’ needs. Regardless of which carrier you choose, we help you with everything from agreements, support and advice. In this way, you get a contact area for your company telephony.

Dstny’s carrier services

With Dstny’s office phone systems, you can mix carriers, within the same PBX. Regardless of which carrier you prefer to use, we at Dstny assist you with everything from agreements, support and advice. A single point of contact when it comes to your cloud phone system. We are a carrier ourselves, but we also work closely with all major carriers in Sweden and many of the popular carriers around Europe. With us you can choose the carrier that best suits your needs, and if different colleagues have different needs, you can mix carriers within the same phone system. It doesn’t get any smoother than that!

Carrier independent

Change, keep or mix carriers to fit your company needs
Having a carrier-independent service is perfect for you who want to be able to mix or switch carrier, without having to install a new PBX. You can choose to display your landline number from your mobile, no matter what carrier you have. Either with the so-called MEX functionality, which makes your mobile a fixed extension in the phone system, or by calling via the mobile app, also called callback. Our callback function is especially good for those who want to reduce roaming costs.
Mobil växel i molnet

Mobile subscriptions for companies

We offer several types of mobile subscriptions
With Dstny’s mobile cloud PBX, you get your entire office phone system, directly into your mobile. Call and receive calls with your mobile, as usual, everything is still going through your business phone system. To manage PBX features, such as changing your referral or making calls, you can easily access Dstny’s mobile app. With the app, you get the mobility you need while always being available to your customers and partners when you’re on the go.
Jordglob med flygplan över

Dstny International Prices

Call other countries or place calls abroad
Here you will find information about calling from Sweden to abroad with Dstny’s subscription and using Dstny’s subscription when you are abroad. Using your mobile phone abroad is often associated with expensive costs. However, if you call within your company phone system, this need not be the case. One of many advantages of an IP-based telephony system. Read more about our international prices and download the price list for mobile calls abroad.

Other carriers

Dstny’s office phone system is carrier independent. This means that you can change, retain and mix carriers to suit your business best. We are a carrier ourselves and you are most welcome to choose our carrier services for your office phone system. But if you have other needs and an another carrier is better suited for your company, we will be happy to help you with this. We at Dstny collaborate with all major carriers in Sweden and many of the popular carriers around Europe. Talk to our talented consultants about which carrier solution would best suit your business.

Get in touch with us

Our competent sales representatives will be happy to contact you and help you with your specific needs, or you may call us at 010-410 51 30 to speak to an advisor directly.

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